Miss Me?

He wasn't afraid of almost anything. He did what he wanted. He didn't care about the what would happen. That's why I loved him.


2. Chapter 2

" I'm back in town, how 'bout we meet up somewhere and talk in person about this." Um...um, yeah sure. "Steve's Cafè, 5 o'clock tomorrow night?" Yeah, yeah that sounds great! "Ok cool see ya there!" Bye. "Bye."


I wake to my phone ringing and see the unknown number again so I answer it and say Brandon? "Yes?" So I go on saying I should probably change your caller ID to Brandon instead of "unknown number" "Yeah you should because we are going to be talking a lot" I felt this weird feeling in my stomach. Like a good weird tingling feeling. Back to our conversation- Yeah we are "I know babe" the tingle came back

After we hung up I went in the kitchen and made myself some lunch and Brandon called again "Hey still meeting at Steve's Cafè? Well I'm eating lunch right now if you wanna just meet at my house instead. "Yeah that's a better idea because Steve's Cafè is always way too crowded." I know that's why I never go there. "Same when do you want me to come over." Whenever you feel like it just knock on the door."Ok bye" Bye.


I hear a knock at my door Hi Brandon "Hi I brought some pizza if you want some I mean"- I interrupted him - you don't have to be so nervous (Omg, I thought to myself, wtf am I saying?) I love him and it all started with a very scary phone call.

About the other night I do forgive you and sorry I didn't forgive you sooner. "It's ok I get it my sister still hasn't forgave me from when I was a child." What did you do? "I broke her red ruby stone." Oh well,the past is the past. "Yeah"

There was a moment of silence. He looked at with his big beautiful brown eyes. I felt the tingle. "So I missed you, a lot" the tingle got stronger and stronger. Yeah I missed you too. "I think I still..." You still what? "I think.... I think I need another slice of pizza" Brandon! "What!?!" You know what! I smile big and hit him with the back of my hand (not hard). You always do that, you say something and then you think it's stupid so you don't finish your sentence. Ya know one day your going to attempt to propose to me, and then your going to realize your going to do that and not even ask. "You said you" what? I felt the tingle melt away. "You said propose to you." Oh. The tingle was gone. "No, no that's not what I meant. I always imagine us together forever." He leaned in close. "Omfg, I sound like a nerd" No you don't. The tingle was stronger. As he leans in closer the feeling is getting stronger...

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