The sun the moon and there undying love

never meant to be together but when they are its something spectacular to see


1. undying love

long time ago a star was born she was named Helios but many called her by her English name the sun.she truly was something to see but as she grew older many other stars started to fear her leaving the feared star filled with loneliness .Years went by and the one named helios was walking along the path of the sky she saw the stars start to look at her in fear and backed away.She sighed looking down at herself she wore a short dress made purely out of flames but once they touched her skin it did not burn her but it felt if though touching the softest fabric only to her that was to others it would burn them to a crisp .Her hair was a magnificent red and orange curled until the very end.Topped on her head was a tiara that was set alight ash littering the floor where ever she walked she wore no shoes on her small tanned feet she was always seen barefooted.Her eyes were a mixed colour of black and orange illuminating her soft tanned cheekbones but a drop of pure sadness ran down from her eye  she knew no matter what she could not have friends or a lover even a family.....but what if that was not true.A few feet from the sun was a man covered in silver he wore tight-fitted grey tinted white trousers and a jacket to match coloured in grey with white patterns that covered his shoulders and back.His skin was a pale almost a glistening silver colour his eyes a glowing bright silver.A mop of short spiky white hair topped his head sat on his head was a tilted silver crown his lips wore a trickster smile and he glowed happiness as well as playfulness but if you looked very close you could see in his eyes and soul there was a glint of something missing like a puzzle, missing a piece. the man was called the moon.Greeting some stars was a woman called the earth she was the moon's best friend the moon was also her love interest even if it was one-sided she wore a long blue dress with green,white patterns her skin was an unusual colour she was pale but she had a green tint to her skin.Her eyes matched her dress they were both mismatched the left was blue while the other was a green.Flowing from her head was her unique hair coloured blue with green highlights.As Helios carried on walking forward while her eyes were locked down on the ground eyes filled with her true pain her sadness and her loneliness but then she hit into something making her fell back closing her eyes waiting for her back to hit the ground but instead a pair of strong arms stopped her causing her to gasp in shock.The man called the moon quickly caught the beautiful goddess by her small hourglass waist his eyes roamed the woman in his arms she then opened her eyes and the moon gasped in pure awe they were magnificent and just like that the moon found his missing puzzle piece.The woman called the sun stared at the man that held her staring at her in awe as she did the same but neither of them noticed once the moon had touched her he was not once burnt.The pair stared into each other's eyes.Earth had noticed the disappearance of her one-sided love interest and she searched with only her eyes until her eyes came across a pair in a loving embrace it was the moon and the sun.Earth stared for a little while her heart went shooting down right to the pit of her stomach but she then rushed over grabbing the moon who was shook out of his dream like state she started to question in concern  '' moon are you okay .....did she harm you'' the moon waved her off laughing while sun watched in envy she saw the love the earth held for the  moon and soul broke she knew no one could look at her in the same way she quickly turned around and took off vowing never to return.As the sun ran off she had not noticed the moon look over to the spot where she had once stood and noticed she was not there the moon almost thought she was just a dream but he know in his heart she was real and he too vowed he would search the ends of the sky to find the burning angel who had set his heart on fire but years had gone by and still no sign of the sun had arrived and each time the moon had grown depressed his heart breaking even more.the thing with meeting your soul mate is that once you have met them something grows inside of you like a flower that can not wither or die its something that can never be taken away even if you just met for two seconds its something that science no matter how it tries can explain its something that makes you stronger but it also can be a weakness only if the soulmates are not together its like fire and ice yes the fire can burn the ice but the ice can calm the fire they balance each other out in a way its yin and yang one without the other can bring pain unimaginable it kills you its like two magnets no matter how hard they pull they will always find a way to come together.The earth watched with the stars in pure guilt she had felt it was her fault for taking the moons attention off his love on her because of her own selfish reasons.The stars felt guilt for they way they treated the woman they looked at her in fear never trying to talk to the sun or get to know her to overridden by fear for something they could not understand. The earth looked up once she had heard to gasps of disbelief and she too gasped catching the moon's attention he followed were the earth was looking in disbelief and just like that all the depression disappeared and happiness took his heart standing there in front of the moon stood the one called the sun but she did not shine as bright her flames were now near ash and her tiara was nothing but a cloud of black she was dying like the phoenix she must die and rise again but it still didn't mean it didn't hurt the moon who rushed to his dying flame.He held her like she was his last chance of life she held him back just as hard she then whispered in his ear  '' dance me back to love '' the moon agreed to her wish the earth and stars watched with tears streaming down their faces as the two lovers the sun and the moon danced across the sky ash falling from the sun following the tears that fell from the moons eyes  but once the lovers had finished their  dance  they sat down gazing at the mixture of tears and ash that created a beautiful setting.The sun leaned against the moon who hugged her looking straight ahead tears freely falling still but the sun spoke looking up at the moon her voice on the brink of disappearance ''tell you love me '' the moon looked down at the woman who was his weakness and his strength he spoke putting his heart and love into his words '' love is just a word what I feel for you is something that can't be described but felt I would die over again and again just to see you breathe I would and still will put everything on the line just to spend every second with you I would give my heart willingly just to hear your voice because you my dear are my flame that shall never die'' the sun lifted her weak hand up that was covered in black ash and she wiped his tears away her own dropping as she spoke ''yet here I am in your arms dying'' the moon looked down at the sun whose legs were now covered in ash and he spoke his voice cracking ''you will never die in my heart my mind and my body'' he leaned down and placed his lips of the suns but as their lips touched tears fell from both their eyes and the sun was now just a body of black ash and a gust of wind blew the ash remains drifting away in the wind leaving the moon to look up and speak holding on to the last piece of ash ''we will meet my fire and when we do we shall shine together''and true to his word they would shine together every year only ever four times but when they did the stars and earth would watch in awe never seeing a love like theirs

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