Frisk's parents

They never asked and she never told... until they saw the scars. Physical and mental ones.


1. Changes

Chapter 1

Frisk had done it.  They had successfully gotten through the underground and set everyone free. They had to admit, even if they did get hurt and died a few times, it was fun. They only wanted get away from her past life and know there they were. They had helped the best family in the world get free and it felt amazing! ...Family... they had always hated that word. Frisk didn't want to be related to any of those horrible people. Not after what they did to them. Not after... no. It was to early to think about that. Frisk sat up in bed and tried to focus on something nice but couldn't. As if knowing their need for a distraction, Toriel called them from downstairs. "My child!? Breakfast is ready!" Frisk got up and walked out the door. Grateful for that distraction but not entirely able to get the thoughts out of her mind.



I know it was a short chapter but it is my first. I may do multiple chapters or multiple stories a day so try and comment on the newest chapters. I accept and would appreciate constructive criticism. Many thanks! - quite a punny guy.

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