Phil...I can't

Will Dan ever get the courage to tell Phil how he really feels?


4. Louise!!

I woke to see Phil asleep next to me. He was asleep on the other side of the sofa. Did I imagine last night? I went to my room to change into different clothes. From the living room I heard Phil waking up. I quickly changed and went back into the lounge. He looked up and smiled groggily at me.

"Must've fallen asleep on the sofa last night watching TV. " I shook my head.

"You don't remember?"

"Remember what?"

"Oh nothing" I muttered. He shrugged and went to his room. I sat down heavily on the couch. How could he not remember! I'm sure it was real, wasn't it?

I decided to get out of the apartment for a while to clear my mind. I called to Phil that I was going on a walk and before he could answer I walked out the door.

I'd just stepped out my door and stepped outside when I bumped into Louise.

"Oh hi Louise! I didn't know you were coming down to London today." I stuttered.

"I just came up here to do some early shopping for Christmas"

"Wow, your early!" I laughed awkwardly.

"What's wrong Dan?" I shrugged.

"I've got to go but I'll text you later, okay?" I looked at Louise and nodded. She walked off waving and I walked in the opposite direction.

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