Sherin is an 19 year old girl. She finished school and works in a coffe shop to pay her own flat. She is an average looking girl, brunette hair brown eyes. There is one boy who visits the coffee shop nearly everyday. He seems sympatic to her. One day he starts to hand her little letters. so they start to play a little game. Can there be a winner? ;)


1. MyFirstDirtyLetter

I stood there already for 3 hours. Always smiling. Always being friendly no matter what a bastard stands infront of you yellin at you because his coffee is too hot. I kinda hated my job. Silly cofeeshopjob. I just wanted to go to bed again but I just had to do something before i would sink into boredom. My life was okay. Not bad. But so boring. Averagely. I just wanted some excitement. But I didnt know where to get it. So i was standing there staring at the cookies till a new guest went in. I knew this guy. His name was Dave. I knew his name because I had to write it on his black coffee cup every motherfuckin day. He was wearing a plaid shirt and a ripped jeans, his hair-a mess but a pretty mess. He grinned at me like every day and his cold blue eyes fixed me. I was always feeling uncomfortable. He was very hot and stuff but he scared me in a way I cant actually describe. "black coffee I guess?" I croaked. He let out a little laugh. Why the fuck is he laughing.. "you guessed it" he grinned.He made me nervous. I hesitated for a moment, sinking into his beautiful eyes. He replied the look I gave him. We stood there about a minute holding eye contact. A old women couched conspicuous. I turned around hectic and started making his coffee. I turned back to him, he was leaning over the counter. "like always" I said, nearly whispering. I soldified when he suddenly grabbed my wrist. Hard, but in a great way. "I wanted to give you this today" he whispered, his voice was roughly and deep. Kinda sexy. He handed me a little pleated paper. "i want to see you reading this. I will sit right there" he said and pointes to the seat he would take. I swallowed. "alright" I croaked. After I served the women her cake and latte macciato I found a quiet minute to read the little letter.

Hey coffeeshopgirl.
hot coffeeshopgirl. I dont wanna talk around it. I want you.


I stopped for a minute and looked to his seat. He was absoulutely staring at me. It seemed like he didnt even blinked. I swallowed nervously.


You are bored. I can see it. You need passion you need excitement. Let me give it to you babygirl.
I want to feel your warm naked body. I wanna kiss and lick every fucking micrometer of your body. I wanna hear your moans. Damn I wanna give it to you. Make you scream. i am what you need. Let ME give YOU what YOU NEED.
I can see your bra through your coffeeshopblouse. But I wann touch you boobs without your bra. I want you to come to work without a bra tomorrow. Dont disappoint me babygirl.



I was frozen. That was a really direct letter. I threw a look at him. He was grinning. He bit his lip before he took another sip of his coffee. I crumpled the letter and put it into my bag. He stood up. A shiver rolled down my back when he made his way to the counter. "I hope you will do it." he breathed. I shook my head. He pulled up his eyebrow. I saw that he pressed his teeth together, his strong jawline was shaking. "I will convince you believe me" he said. Before I could replay anything he turned around and walked outside the shop. What.The.Fuck.Was.That. I was shoked. Who would ever expect something like this. He excited me. But I hated his ego. He seemed arrogant. And he thought he could get me with a dirty letter like this? No way. I didnt even thought about loosing my virginity to a fuckboy. No.Way.

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