Sherin is an 19 year old girl. She finished school and works in a coffe shop to pay her own flat. She is an average looking girl, brunette hair brown eyes. There is one boy who visits the coffee shop nearly everyday. He seems sympatic to her. One day he starts to hand her little letters. so they start to play a little game. Can there be a winner? ;)


2. IKnewYouWould

After 3 more hours of questioning myself what Dave was thinking about me and who the fuck he thought he was I had closing time. I changed into my cozy clothes grabbed my bag and my tips before I walked outside. I had to walk home because my bike broke a few days ago. I was still thinking about this narcisstic guy Dave. Suddenly someone grabbed my wrists very hard. My heart stopped for a minute while I was pressed against a could brick wall from behind. "Please.I´ll give you all my money but please let me go"I cried, afraid to get raped or killed. I heard a chuckle. "Dave??" I croaked. "you guessed it" he whispered in my ear. Chill after chill rolled down my back. His big strong hands held my wrists hard while he pressed his body to mine from the back. "babygirl. I want you to take your bra off for me now."he whispered. The wall was cold and I was still crying a bit but I wasnt actually afraid. He turned me around harshly and held my both wrists with one hand. His hands were so strong. The free hand made his way to my waist. I stammered. "s...s.stoppp tttthis." I finally brought out. "shhh" he said. "Dont talk just take your bra off." he chuckled. I shook my head absoulutely unable to say anything. His hand wandered up my waist till he reached my breast. He grabbed it without any shame, massaging it smiling. I felt a tickle wandering down my belly to my clit. I tried to press him apart with my body but it only made things worse. He thrusted my against the wall with his body. I felt his breathe on my lips, so close he was to me. he went down with his hand , and started slipping his fingers into my sweat pants. "STOP" I cried out. "Who the fuck do you think you are I said no so stop it or I will scream for help"I yelled at him. He laughed. He continued his way into my pants , reaching my thong.He gently slipped by the side. I couldnt. I just couldnt stop him. It felt so good. He stroked the skin around my clit, making me wet. I blushed. "I will save this for later. When you start doing the things I tell you to do." he sighed. He let my wrists go. I rubbed my wrists in shame. "Open your bra"he whispered. I shook my head slowly. "OPEN your bra"he repeated. I was frozen, again. suddenly his hands wandered under my shirt, up to my bra and ripped it open quickly. I held my breasts, trying to walk away. "babygirl dont make this look like a rape. I would never rape a virgin."he chuckled. I stared at him shocked. How did he know..."Im not a virgin"I tried to lie and i didnt even knew why id tried it. "You are. I never saw you with a boy. you look great but you seem to be shy. You got wet by a few touches of my hand. Dont try to lie baby" he laughed out. "Maybe I am lesbian" I said, trying to seem confident. "Uhh I would love that. Seeing you with another woman. but I know you arent." He said. He pulled me to his chest and looked into my eyes. "I want you to give me your bra and I want you to come without a bra tomorrow or i Will rip off the other one too." he said roughly. Trembling I started taking of the rest of my bra. He grabbed it. "Cute one"he chuckled. I felt uncomfortable helding my breasts. "now go home quickly before I take a look. I wanna save this for tomorrow. No bra day."

When I finally was home I took off my shoes and let my self sink into bed. I was so excited. His rough touch..His deep voice. His dominance. I wasnt sure if I could deal with a boy like that. I was thinking about calling my boss, telling him that I was ill and that I wouldnt be able to come to work the next day. But Dave would wait or find my house. Was he crazy...or just...I didnt even know what he was.

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