Crush on my brother?

Kayla's mom falls in love with Harry Styles' father. What happens when they both live with each other? *Changed plot and title*


2. School :(


I wake up and put on 'Show Me' - Kid Ink on full blast. I walk into the bathroom. I go to the bathroom...Fuck, of course I start my period right on the day of swim practise. Ugh, I hate tampons but oh well. I put one in and then change the music to Rihanna 'Take A Bow'. I walk back to my bed room and pick out my outfit for the day. I take off my bra and of course, the door opens. Harry appears.

"HARRY FUCKING KNOCK!" I scream at him and he closes his eyes and walks out and shouts "sorry!!". Oh my fucking god. I have finished with getting ready including clothes, hair and makeup: . I ran downstairs and once again, got hit by one of my brothers, today was not the day...I took deep breaths and put on fake smiles. I sat down at the table to eat my blueberries and strawberries with coffee. I look around Harry comes in wearing this: 

DAMN. I look at him for a bit longer. He smirks and raises his eyebrows.

"Like what you see?" I roll my eyes to his comment.

"Says you. Your the one who told your mate that you have a crush on me and walked in on me naked. Oh also you stared at me naked. I can get you sued for that!" I smirk putting a blueberry in my mouth.

"Okay, okay. Isn't Noah at our school? Why isn't he coming with us?" Harry says with a confused face.

"He got expelled last year." I said and smirked at the memory.

"What did he do?" He said eating his pancakes.

"He got caught peeping in the girls bathroom." I collapse on the floor laughing and so did Harry. Ethan and Jake walk in but not Noah.

"What are you's laughing at?" Jake smirks while Ethan puts me back on my seat.

"I was telling Harry about the time Noah got expelled because he got caught being a peeping tom." We all burst out laughing. I was crying of laughter. I laugh at anything. Noah came in afterwards in his school uniform. He now goes to a posh and private school so he wears like uniforms & he hates it but it's funny because he looks so lame!

"Oi oi! Here's the peeping tom!" Harry cheers and we all start laughing again. Noah turns a tomato red.

"Who told you?" Noah said and Harry points at me. Noah comes over to me and pulls my hair.

"SON OF A BITCH!" I scream and pin him down on the floor. Harry and all the other boys roar in laughter because Noah is crying. I get up and spit on Noah's face. I check my phone. 8:20. One of my best friends Olivia is coming in 5 minutes.

"Harry hurry up we have 5 more minutes." I say as I run upstairs to brush my teeth. I rush back downstairs to wash my dishes. I get my bags and yell for Harry as I open the door to Olivia:

People call Olivia the least pretty popular girl but I find that unfair. She's such a good friend but people obviously love to judge people on looks instead of personality. Harry rushed down and we got in the car. We had the song 'Partition' by Beyonce on full blast. I knew most of the lyrics. It got to my favourite part:

Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudge.

Oh he's so horny, yeah he want to fuck.

He popped all my buttons and ripped my blouse.

He monica lewinsky-ed all on my gown. 

Whoa there daddy d-daddy, don't bring the towel, Oh baby, b-baby slow it down.

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up , we ain't gonna even make it to this club.

I sang and we were finally at school. Me and Harry said bye to Olivia and we went to the office.

"Nervous for your first day?" I ask him while we walk.

"Nope." He said popping the 'p'. Confidence, wow. We walked further until we were at the office. I smiled at the receptionist, she is a friend of my moms. I walk into the office to the head teacher.

"Miss here is Harry Styles." I say leading Harry in.

"Okay thank you Kayla. Please could you do the phone answering job all day?" Yessss no work.

"Okay sure." I say walking away. I told Harry I'd get Olivia to take him home because I'm at swim practise. Today was just answering calls and sleeping. I called Olivia to find Harry and she did. Swim practise was great. I got changed afterwards into this: . I call Ethan for a ride because I know Jake won't pick me up. He comes and picks me up and we stop off at McDonalds to get lots of food. We go back home and we all sit in my room (me, Harry, Noah, Ethan and Jake) and we eat McDonalds. They started asking me periods and it was so weird but funny because they were so clueless.

"So does the blood flood your knickers?" Noah asks confused written all over his face. I facepalm.

"No of course not you get a teaspoon of blood everyday that comes out."

"Ohhhh." They all chorused.

"So how do you put in the tampon?" Jake asks.

"I'm not telling you that. Now get out you've eaten your food leave." They all leave but I stop Harry.

"Harry, we're going to the year party tonight." I say to him with a devilish smile and he returns it. He leaves me to get ready: . Harry was wearing: . We walked to the party as it was down the road on the beach. We got there and it was full of people, I introduced Harry to a lot of people, and he danced with his new mates and got drunk. I danced with my girls and we took lots and lots of shots. Me and Harry took a photo:

We went home at 4AM, and we were laughing walking down the road. We got in the house and we were trying to be as quiet as possible. I crept into my room and said goodnight to Harry. I fell asleep in my clothes.

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