Maybe We Shouldn't

Mia Austin was just a normal girl. Well, kinda. She, by no means, was a good girl. She wasn't necessarily bad either. She was a mix of the two.

When a sexy new English teacher arrives... Well... Let's just say she turns a bit more to the bad side.


2. Chapter Two

“Just go get laid already!” Becca yelled at me, flipping her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder. I flip her off and scream back at her, “Go fuck my brother!” Sebastian glares at me through the rearview mirror. “I plan on it honey.” She says, her eyes twinkling with amusement. Finally, we pull into the school parking lot, and Sebastian says, “Get out and stay out of trouble. Especially you Mia.” “Whatever you say Seb,” I said, kissing his cheek quickly, “love you.” “Ew, Mia germs,” he said teasingly, wiping his cheek, “love you too.”

    I climb out of the car with Becca right behind me. “B-bye Sebastian.” I heard her murmur. Damn, she’s whipped. She never stutters. I didn’t hear Sebastian’s reply as I walked away from them. Knowing him, he’s probably saying something sexual. “Damn Mia, wait up!” I heard Becca yell behind me, her heels clicking loudly against the asphalt. “Hurry up Becs! I’m not waiting for your ugly ass all day!” I yell back. “You know you want this ass.” Becca said, wrapping her arm around my shoulders. I wrap my arm around her waist and say, “Who wouldn’t?”

    “Well if it isn’t the lesbian losers.” Marissa Paisley says, walking up to us, her posse right behind her. Some people think Becca and I are lesbian. For each other. No, just no. “If it isn’t Marissa, the Queen Bitch and her minions,” Becca says, “what do you want?” “I just wanted to see how your parents were doing Mia,” Marissa says, “oh wait, they’re six feet under the ground.” “Shut your fucking mouth.” I said quietly. “So she does speak.” Tessa, Marissa’s closest friend, says. “Her voice is as ugly as the rest of her.” Marissa sneered. “Shut up you damn slut!” Becca screeched at her, slightly pushing her. I saw Marissa raise her hand, then I heard the harsh sound of skin hitting skin. Becca fell to the ground, cradling her cheek. That’s when I lost it.

    I kicked Marissa in her shin, making her wobble in her heels. She regains her balance quickly and threw a sloppy right hook, managing to hit my mouth. Blood dripped down my chin as I prepared to launch myself at her. “Stop!” A deep, husky voice yells. The crowd that had gathered around us quickly dispersed as the mysterious man made his way towards us. My jaw literally dropped when I saw him. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

    Thick black hair that begged me to run my fingers through it, alluring stormy grey eyes, and a chiseled jawline dusted with dark stubble made for a breathtaking combination. Muscles clearly evident through the black button up that he wore, along with dark wash jeans and black dress shoes. All in all, he was the epitome of masculine beauty.

    “Hello handsome.” Marissa purred, trying to sound seductive. I noticed that she had pulled her shirt down to expose even more cleavage. What a slut. “Hello,” the man said, “what’s your name?” “Marissa,” she replied, “yours?” “Nathaniel Witiker, the new senior English teacher.” He said. For the second time that day, my jaw dropped. He has got to be fucking with us. “You’re the new what?!” Marissa exclaimed, “You’re too hot to be a teacher!” I swear, that girl has no filter.

    Mr. Witiker smiles at her, then turns to me. “What’s your name?” He asks. “M-Mia Austin.” I say softly. “Mia Austin, the sophomore in my English class. I’m happy to meet you.” He says, extending his hand towards me. “Happy to meet you too.” I said, lightly grasping his hand. His hand was big and warm. I loved it.

    “So, would you tell me why you two ladies were fighting?” Mr. Witiker asks, raising an eyebrow. “O-oh, umm we-” Marissa cut me off by saying, “She attacked me first! I was just talking to her and then she lunged at me!” “Mia,” Mr. Witiker said, furrowing his eyebrows, “Is that true?” I sighed and said, “I attacked her first, yes, but only because she slapped Becca.” “Who’s Becca?” He asked me. I open my mouth to respond, but Marissa cut me off again by saying, “Her lesbian lover.” I glare at her and say, “How many times do her and I have to fucking tell you that we aren’t lesbian. I swear to God the next time you call me that I’ll-” Mr. Witiker clears his throat and says, “Ladies, we don’t have enough time for another fight, the bell is about to ring.” As if on cue, the bell rings.

    “Shit.” Marissa and I both mutter, causing us to glare at each other. “Marissa, go to class. Mia, come with me.” Mr. Witiker says, grabbing my arm and dragging me away from Marissa. “What about Becca…” My voice trailed off when I looked behind me and she wasn’t there. Thanks Becs, leave me alone with the Queen Bitch and the intimidating sexy new teacher. He drags me down the hallway and into an empty classroom that I guess is his.

“W-What are we doing in here?” I ask quietly. “Well, if I took you to the nurse, we’d have to explain what happened and I don’t want you to get in trouble.” Mr. Witiker said. “You just met me.” I said softly. “I just have a feeling.” He says. “Oh.” I blushed and looked away from his gaze. “Come and sit on my desk so I can clean your lip.” He says. “Okay.” I said, walking towards his desk and sitting on it. The desk was really sturdy and big, made of something like oak or pine.

Suddenly, I felt his hands grab my hips and his warm body slip between my legs. “M-Mr. Witiker, what are you doing?” I ask, turning my face away from him because of the blush forming on it. “Well I’m trying to clean your lip, but I can’t do that if I can’t see it.” He said softly, grasping my chin in one of his hands. He tilts my head up, making me look into his eyes as he says, “Your blush is very cute, don’t try and hide it.” I blushed harder. He fucking called me cute! Oh. My. God. Well, he called my blush cute, but that’s basically the same thing.

“Earth to Mia.” Mr. Witiker says, snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Sorry.” I mutter. “It’s okay,” he says, “I was just saying that this will probably be cold and burn, a lot.” “What’s on the rag?” I ask. “Alcohol.” He says, pressing the rag against my lip. “Fuck that burns.” I hiss. “I know sweetheart. I’m sorry.” He says, pressing the rag harder against my lip. He called me sweetheart! Hehehe, sweetheart. Oh good God, I’m turning into a hormonal teenager.

“There,” he says, lifting the rag from my lip, “all done.” A small whimper escaped my lips when he moved away, leaving me cold from the lack of his heat. He raises his eyebrow questioningly, and I whispered, “I’m cold now.”

He looks at me strangely, but to my surprise, he slips his body back between my legs, placing his hands on either side of my hips. “Is this better?” He asks me, his voice rough. His eyes were darker than their normal charcoal, almost black. “Yeah.” I whispered, my eyes trained on his lips. All I want to do is kiss him. He seems to be thinking the exact same thing. He leans forward, slowly bringing his lips towards mine. Before our lips connect, however, he jerks away, out from my legs and away from me.

“I’m sorry Ms. Austin,” he said, running his hands through his hair, “I don’t know what I was thinking.” He doesn’t want me. “It’s alright Mr. Witiker.” I said. “No, it’s not Mia,” he said, “you can’t tell anyone about this. It was all a huge mistake, understand?” “Yes sir.” I muttered. “Good, now you should get to class,” he said, sounding frustrated, “see you sixth period.” I hop off the desk, my gaze cast towards the ground as I shuffle towards the door. “Oh and Mia,” he said, causing my head to snap back towards him, “this never happened.” I nod, feeling my heart wail in agony, and walked out the door. From this day on, I promise to never fall for Nathaniel Witiker’s charms for as long as I live.

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