The Books of Rellia

[Purity of Lies Lore] - The history of the Rellian province was passed down generations along with the lessons of the "Premothers", which became the basis for both Rellian law and religion. For the first time these words have been translated into Ssyn, for the reading of the general public. // Translation by Cirirl Delav //


1. Of Dark and Light

The Creators did not create dark nor light. When the rocks of Eril were placed no eyes needed candle nor shadow to see by. The Creators had no need for sight, so they did not give their children need for sight. Eril was not made beautiful, it was no more than a great expanse of rock. The Creators were happy with their work, and they sent their children, Laochi*, Sholek and Firel to finish Eril. 

The Creators' children descended to the rock and ground the rocks together to release the water from within, then they dug the Great Ocean and filled it. Laochi built the Galere mountains, Sholek placed snow and rain in the clouds and carved the valleys, Firel pulled the trees from the ground and planted the Ikor forest.

The Creators had given Firel another task, they trusted her to mould bodies for the first souls to live in. Firel was humble, and so did not tell Laochi or Sholek of her task, lest they become jealous. So she crafted the bodies in secret in a cave she had dug beneath the Ikor forest. Her first attempt was not strong enough to hold a soul, its heart was too small, so she released it to the forest and it became the rodents. Her next attempt refused to stay still, so she released it to the air and it became the bats. Firel tried many more bodies and released the soulless to the wild.

Laochi was refining the Rellian Province when he noticed something touching him, he knew that neither he nor Sholek had created life, so he went in search of Firel. He looked through every step of Eril, but he would not enter Ikor. Laochi knew that he would get lost in the forest, for only Firel knew the way through the trees. So Laochi found Sholek and he said to her "Give me something so I can find my way through the forest."

Sholek agreed and fashioned Laochi two eyes and placed them in his head. Laochi was amazed, the forest was beautiful. He began to question why The Creators had kept such wonders from him and his heart was filled with bitterness. The Creators had kept both sight and souls from him, so he made his way through the forest, anger filling him. When he found Firel she was suckling a new-born, it had been the first body pure enough to contain a soul. Laochi approached and asked her "What is in your hands?"

Firel turned her back to him and answered "She is my daughter, stay away." But Laochi did not stay away, his heart had grown cold and, now he could see, he could not fail. He raised his hand and struck Firel, slamming her against the rocks. Firel cried out as he beat her again and again, her blood ran into ground and soon, she breathed no more. Laochi smiled at his work, his rage had been satisfied, but the child had crawled away. So he stole a soul and tried to fashion a body for it - but he was impatient. His creature was broken, and the soul escaped.

The Creators were angry, their children had fought one another and Firel was dead. They said to Laochi, "Why have you done this?"

Laochi replied "I have seen the beauty you withheld from me, you are selfish."

The Creators answered, "No, we are not selfish, for we have not seen beauty either. You are selfish, you sought to harm Firel and ignored our commands, for this, be punished." As The Creators spoke, the soul that had escaped returned to Laochi and wrapped itself around his heart, it imprisoned him within himself. "Let it be known that no descendant of yours shall mould Eril or make use of the Black Ribbons**."

Laochi's children were forever cut off from The Creator's power, and ran from the forest of Ikor. Sholek came to The Creators and begged for mercy, for she had seen the loneliness of Laochi's sons. The Creators then took Firel's daughter and blessed her, they forgave Sholek and allowed her to raise Firel's daughter, who she named Kirali. From Firel's blood they fashioned fifty-one women and forty-nine men, who helped Sholek keep Kirali from harm.

When Sholek passed away, nine-hundred days later, Kirali was granted the Black Ribbons. She was the first Premother. From her, all Rellians were born, and her soul remains in every woman whose ribbons remain.


Author's Note: This passage is often interpreted as the origin of the matriarchal structure of Rellian society. Rellians do not worship The Creators, rather they view them as advisers who keep Eril from falling to light. Unlike most cultures, Rellians operate mostly at night and their leaders wear blindfolds as a symbol of higher knowledge and purity. They rely on their sight only when necessary, and the highly revered are described as having 'empty eyes' or 'eyes filled with darkness' - though the evidence for this is only based on a small number of witnesses, all of whom are now deemed insane.


*This name is a rough translation, as the Rellian letter 'chi' has never been used in any other context, the use here is based on the approximate sound made when 'Laochi' is spoken. Modern Rellians will only speak the name in the presence of a descendant of the Premothers, as it is believed to be bad fortune or even a curse.


**Throughout The Books of Rellia, their use of barbaric or dark magic is referred to as 'Black Ribbons'. The origin of this is unclear.

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