Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


1. The King Arrives

      Hello my name is Hitomi Kanzaki; I have a maroon hair, with light blue eyes. On the day that I went to the mysterious world of Gaea, I had short hair and I was 17, but now on the other hand my hair is nearly close to the back of my knees. I was born on Earth but I think there is more to my heritage than my mother or my grandmother will tell me. The reason that I say that is because of the simple fact that every one of the women in our family keeps getting transported by a beam of light to the strange, magical world of Gaea. I left Gaea about 10 years ago, I am now 27 years old and my heart still yearns for the love of my King, my King of Fanelia, my love, my Van. I am now done with High School, and am now studying in College, for the major in physics and astronomy, which I discovered that Gaea hasn’t even been discovered yet, as well as a major in music. Well I had a slight physical problem though, apparently I am a true Wind Goddess of Gaea, because of the simple fact that when I was in trouble one of Van’s feathers appeared again and touched my back, which then cause purple set of wings to sprout from my back. So apparently someone in our family is a Draconian, like Van. At the moment I am walking home to my apartment, and I am texting my mother.


I look at my phone as I stop on the side walk.

Someone is here to see you


I begin to text her back when a man starts to walk up.

“Hello, pretty lady. Why don’t come home with me?” I shook my head, and looked back at my phone. The man growled, and took my arm, then starts to yank and tries to drag me away. I put my phone in my pocket, and undid the belt that was across my chest. With that my wings ripped through the back of my shirt and threw him into the nearby light post.

“I shook my head sir; I am engaged to be married so please leave me alone. That way you don’t get hurt anymore.”

“Wh….wha….what are you?” I roll my eyes.

“I will tell you what Earth calls us. I’m an Angel, as well as my fiancé, now please leave me alone.” I get my phone out of my pocket.

Sorry Mom got mugged on the way home. I am okay, the guy underestimated me, so I am fine, don’t worry. I have to talk to you about something real important. Who is there? Text me back, luv ya.


I start to walk again, and it began to rain white feathers. This made me look up and see what looked like a bird from this distance from where it is at in the sky.


He says that you saw him. That he is from the place where you went missing.


“Van!” I turn around and suddenly start to sprint to my mom’s house. How did I not know that he was here, on Earth and no longer on Gaea? Oh Van, I’ve missed you. I gave up on running, so I found the closest alley I could find and begun to climb the fire escape, to get to the roof. When I made it to the roof, I looked around and when I saw my mother’s house I ran to the edge of the building and jumped. The people down below me, screamed as they were thinking that I was committing suicide, but when I un-did that buckle across my chest, my wings flew open catching the air underneath me.


Hello, hello, are you getting this Hitomi?


I laughed as my wings were flapping but I could hardly feel it, it was just like breathing.

Hello, my love. I’ve missed you, my handsome King. What are you doing so far from home, King of Fanelia? Lol


I could see the lights and my mom’s house was on, as well as multiple people walking around inside, but my father is dead, and so normally it is just my mother that is there. So people are there when they are normally not.


I’m trying to keep this Knight away so I can talk to you, my Queen. We all missed you, and the pillar of light grabbed us and brought us to your mother’s. She is a very sweet lady, but not as sweet and beautiful as you.


I shook my head as I landed softly in the back yard. I just got and ornery idea and I put my phone on silence and took off my shoes. I dug in my bag for the outfit that I have been making, because on the day that I returned to Gaea, I am not planning on returning to Earth. So here I am in my blue and dark blue toga, with my purple wings out I sneak in and walk in on my mother’s guests.

---------------------------------------------Van’s POV--------------------------------------------------

I’m looking out of the window of my bedroom in my now finished castle, looking over Fanelia.

“Why did she have to go?!” I scream as I hit my window frame, causing the pictures on the walls to shake. Merle, my stalker cat, that is the nicest I can put it right now, comes in running.

“Lord Van, oh Lord Van… are you thinking about that insensitive Wind Goddess from the Mystic Moon?” every time she and Hitomi was around each other they would fight like cats and dogs. Merle, the thief, and Hitomi, the honest, caring, sensitive, goddess that she is; Hitomi had morals, she had love, she was beyond beautiful. The prophesy said that she would either end, or heal Gaea, she was brought here to end it but as it turned out she fixed everything. One thing though after she fixed everything, she broke me because she was taken back to the Mystic Moon. I look down at the stone around my neck, her necklace, her stone.

“Merle, don’t you dare say anything like that again, about your Queen. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, CAT?” her eyes goes wide and she looks down.

“Yes, Lord Van.” She leaves the room. Van, I will come back, if I have my way about it, I will come back to be and live with you. My king, my love, my Van. She smiles as she looks at Merle’s way. Not even that damn cat will stop me from loving you. I smile, which goes back to a frown when the memory is gone and I am back in my room without my Hitomi. I hear several people running and that annoying cat, and I go back to looking out the window, when the burst into my room. Princess Malerna, Merle, The Mole, Allen, Prince Shid, and Dryden, were all starring at me as if I had lost my mind. Princess Malerna, steps forward, and looks at me then at Hitomi’s duffle bag that is still on the foot of my bed.

“Van, Hitomi isn’t your Queen, and she isn’t coming back.” I quickly stand up, and put my hand on my sword.

“Hitomi, is my Queen, she is coming back, she promised.”

For some reason I couldn’t keep it together anymore and I started to cry. That is when the pillar of light appeared in the sky, and engulfed all of us. “HITOMI!” next thing we knew was that we was behind someone’s house, and a woman steps out towards us, she looks just like Hitomi. “Hitomi?” she shook her head.

“Hello young man, you must be Van, I have heard so much about you. Just let me text Hitomi, letting her know that you guys are here.”

She turned to go inside, but she didn’t seem bothered that a bunch of people with swords appeared in her back yard, as if she seen this sight on a daily basis. I took her by the arm, before she walked away.

“You don’t happen to be Hitomi’s mother are you?” she tilts her head and smiles.

“Yes I am, though I don’t look as good as I once did, but I look younger for my age that is for sure.” She looks at the sky, then at us. “Well come on in.” with that we went inside Hitomi’s old house. “I’m sorry Van, Hitomi doesn’t live here anymore, she just got mugged on her way home but she is on her way. That girl always does seem to find trouble, but I wonder what she has to talk to me about.” She went into what looked like a white room but she seemed to be cooking. “Van, after I get done with the tea, would you like to see Hitomi’s old room?” I nod. “You’re the quiet type aren’t you?”

“Ma’am, my name is Merle. The only person that Lord Van ever really opens up to is Hitomi. By the way how soon will your daughter get here?”

“Merle, wow! You’re a cat, and you talk.” She pauses when she notices that Merle’s fur started to stand on end. “Sorry about that anyway, she will be here rather soon, she found a very fast way to get around the city after nightfall, I still don’t know what it is. Wait, did you say Lord Van? Lord meaning what?”

“Ma’am, Lord is meaning that I am the King of Fanelia”

“My daughter is engaged to a KING?!” with that she started to pace around in her kitchen, muttering to herself.


“Yes Van, or should I say Lord Van?”

“What is texting?” she laughs. “It is kind of like writing a letter but on our phones.” She slides me a box that lights up a picture of the Hitomi I remember.

“Can I text Hitomi?” she looked at me then at her phone and then smiled.

“Of course, let me get you to our current conversation.” She does some things on the box and slides it too me. These letters are the same as back home so I started to text Hitomi.

Hello, hello, are you getting this Hitomi?


Hello, my love. I’ve missed you, my handsome King. What are you doing so far from home, King of Fanelia? Lol


“Guys she’s missed us!” Allen, the stupid Knight tries and takes the phone away from me and I fly to the roof to get away from him.

I’m trying to keep this Knight away so I can talk to you, my Queen. We all missed you, and the pillar of light grabbed us and brought us to your mother’s. She is a very sweet lady, but not as sweet and beautiful as you.


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