Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


3. Packing

“We’re here.” We lowered ourselves down to the sidewalk. I pointed at the building and concentrated on my magic, once I had a hold of it, I said one word. “Sleep.” Everyone and everything fell into a deep sleep. “We can go in now, we won’t be bothered.” Van looks at me with a deep look of confusion. All I did was shake my head. “Malerna, Allen, Merle, and Van follow me. Mom wait out here with Mole.” She looks at him and scrunches up her nose.

“Why do I need to come?” Merle whines. I sigh, and say the one thing that any cat, walking on four or two legs can’t resist.

“Well Merle, if you come along to help, I have some fish that is in my refrigerator, which you can have…”

“Alright fine. I’ll help but only because if you leave that fish will end up going bad.” Van laughs.

“Beautiful, you always seem to know what to say to everyone.” I only smile and lead the way up the stairs to the top floor. Normally I take the elevator, but being how Van, and all of them is from a mid-evil lifestyle, going up in the air in a box, didn’t seem like a good idea, so I thought the stairs would be better.

“Sorry guys I live up on the top floor.” I tell everyone sheepishly.

“It is fine.” Allen comments as he is helping Malerna up the stairs in her dress and heels.

“Allen, Van, when we get to my room, I have a few things that I want to give you, I think that they will come useful to you more than I, all they are doing right now is gathering dust, because one I don’t have the training to use them, nor do I have the strength to swing them, so they are yours. But do me one favor, take good care of them. They were my Father’s.”
“Your Father’s?” Van asks, curiously.

“My Father I am guessing isn’t originally from this world, hence the wings, and he brought some things with him, but when he settled down with my mother, he had no use for them so he hung them up. Then told anyone who asked about them, that he just bought them.” I explain sadly. Unfortunately, Merle, being a cat, picked up on my emotions, faster than Van did.

“What happened to your father?” she asks quietly, afraid to wake the dead. The images of Father laying in the hospital bed, with no hair anywhere, no muscle mass, no fat, just skin and bones, flashed in my eyes and I suddenly stopped because all that rushing back to me, was just too much.

“Goddess?” Allen asked and that caught me off guard because he used to love me and call me by my name not Goddess.

“My father got deathly ill, and didn’t survive the treatment…” with that and kept walking. Trying to rebury the memories of my father, before they slow me down and swallowed me whole. Though just climbing three flight of stairs will do that to anyone.


“What Van?” I asked between trying to catch my breath.

“Do you come this way often?” I shake my head.

“No, normally I take the elevator, but having people from a different world, in a metal box, flying through the air, didn’t seem wise.”

“I don’t care right now. It is either that or I carry you, because it looks like you are fixing to pass out.” I nodded my head in agreeing to him that I feel like it, but he didn’t take it that way because the next thing I realize is, I’m moving and I am not the one doing it. I don’t even remember falling asleep till he started to shake me and set me on my feet and I lead them to my apartment.
I dig though my bag, trying to find my keys, everyone keeps looking over their shoulders, expecting danger. When I find my keys, my wings start to flutter, and I unlocked the door.

“Guys something is coming, get inside. NOW!” everyone ran inside. I folded my wings on my back, and my landlord, started walking up.  “Hello Mr. Kuran.” I put on a false smile, but it seemed to convince him, but he was starring at my outfit.

“Just get back from a party, Miss. Kanzaki?” his eyes narrowed

“No, Mr. Kuran. I just got back from a get together at my mom’s house so please back off.” He looked taken back that he took a step from me.

“You seem different, Miss. Kanzaki.”

“Yeah, I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I want to go to bed, and you are getting in my fucking way. Now if you please excuse me I’m going to bed.” With that I went into my apartment and there stood Van, and Allen with weapons drawn, I chuckled at the sight of them. “It was just the guy that owns this apartment.” I comment sadly.

“You’re a queen and you are paying someone else to live here?” Van asked horrified. I sighed as I watched them, Allen and Van, put their swords away, and gestured for me to lead the way. I walked to the wall where there was two swords up on placks, and I pointed to the great sword.

“Allen, that is yours, a knight like you should be able to use it well.” He looks at me and back at the sword. The Sword below is a rough version of the one that I’m giving to Allen.

The other sword, it was a one handed sword, but the metal was black with a gold engraved dragon going up the blade, and with a single onyx in the golden handle of it, it was something of pure beauty, but the strange thing was is that it had the symbol of Fanelia on it.

“Hitomi, where did you get this?” I looked down.

“I told you it was a parting gift from my Father, when he passed away.” I mumbled under my breath.

“How in the world does it have the Fanelia’s mark on it? Only made by only the best blacksmith in Fanelia!” I shook my head as the memories of the first time that Van and I met; I would have never imagined that he and I would end up being in love. I chuckled at the memory. “What are you chuckling about Hitomi?” Van looks at me with a smirk.

“Just remembering when we first met.” He chuckled too.

“I was kind of stuck up in the beginning, huh?” he said as he grabbed his new sword and was testing the weight of it.

“Kind of, you were majorly.” I play back. I look at Malerna, and I could tell she was looking at Allen, as usual, I roll my eyes. “Malerna?” she takes a step back, and looks at me startled. I give her a knowing grin.

“Yes?” she asks sheepishly.

“Would you like to help me pack some of my clothes?” she jumps up and claps her hands.

“Yes!” I chuckled.

“Merle.” She looked at me, with such a grumpy look on her face. “Would you mind to grab the pictures off the wall, and put them in this box?” She looked at all the pictures and paintings that were on the wall and her face fell. “Remember Merle, if you help me…” I walked over to my refrigerator and opened it, there was a shelf of nothing but fish. “all those fish, is yours.” Her face brightened.

“Really?!” I nod.

“Yep,” with that she started to get the pictures down, rather enthusiastically.  I took Malerna by the arm and lead her to my room where I got my suitcases out from under my bed, and I pointed to the closet. “Warning, it is rather large.” She looked at me, with a curious look.

“How could it be large?” I smiled.

“Well this is a different world than what you are used to, anything that is bigger…” I smiled. “Is better.” She chuckled.

“Alright.”  She goes over and opens the closet. Then looks back at me, with her eyes wide. “Are you kidding me?” I look at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Its just, your wardrobe… its huge.” I laugh.

“Honestly it is just the normal wardrobe.” she looks at it again.

“Really?” I nod. “Well I guess we better start packing.” I laughed.

“Yeah I guess so.” I walk to my footlocker, and I start to grab my underclothes, and put them in one of my many duffle bags.  Malerna, is picking out all of the dresses that she deems, appropriate… for a queen. “Do you really have to pick and chose, my clothes?”

“Yep…” and that is all she said, as she kept picking out gowns, my cocktail dresses, for occasions that call for it, and then on top of it, which is embarrassing, she is grabbing my lingerie from the floor. She held up one, and looked at me with a questioning look.

“What is this?” I quickly take it from her, and put it in my duffle bag.

“It is what our world’s women, go to sleep in.” she turned into a bright red.

“Oh, um… I’m sorry.” I chuckle.

“Its fine.” After she got done picking and choosing through my clothes. She finally actually looked at my room, a solid black room with a maroon curtains over the window, and a lava lamp on my bedside table.

“You are a very dark person.” she states as she looks around herself.

“Didn’t you realize that when you was going through my clothes?” she shrugs her shoulders.

“I guess not.” with that we go back into the living room, and it was already starting to look bare. Van looks at me again, and I look down. That is when my house phone rings, and I run to pick it up.


“Hello, is this Hitomi Kanzaki?”

“Yes it is, whom may I ask who is speaking.”

“It…its Amano.”

“Oh… what do you want?”

“Hey, cut it out. I know we ended badly, but I want to put that aside, and start over.” I sigh as I rub my eyes. Amano, and I ended up getting together, through the last of high school, and at the beginning of college, but he called it off, when he met some tramp, that wanted to be pampered, to me who refused to be.

“What? Miss. Hootie Tootie, use up all your money?” I heard him groan.

“STOP CALLING HER THAT!” Wow, he almost sounded like Allen.

“Its true.” he sighed again.

“Anyway what do you say?” I pulled the phone away from my ear.

“Babe, there is an ex of mine on the phone that wants me back, do tell him your mind about it.” then I whispered. “Don’t involve anything from Gaea, just sound like you but don’t tell him anything about kings, or queens, or princesses, guymelves, or any of that. Just sound like someone from the Mystic Moon.” he smiles.

“Hello Sir.”

“Who is this? What happened to Hitomi?”

“She just went to go pack for her and mine wedding.”

“You listen here…”

“No you listen, you broke her heart and left her. Yeah she told me all about it, on top of that you cheated on her, because she refused to open her legs. She found me and she and I are leaving the country, and going to have a happy life together without you. She won’t get hurt by you again, so do us the favor. Leave her alone, or…” he smiles evilly. “You’ll answer to me.” with that he hung up on Amano. “Well how did I do, Love?”  I laugh.

“Magnificently.” he laughs. “But you could have done without the threatening him. He is just a track star, with a full ride scholarship.”

“Threatening a man, that is making moves on my girl, is appropriate.” I sigh. I look back at my apartment, with all three letters in my hand, and my wallet.

“Well anyway,” I look at my old apartment one last time. “Lets go,” that is when I notice that Merle isn’t with us. “Merle, we’re leaving, if you don’t come, I’m locking you in there.” That caused the Cat to come running, with a fish in her mouth.

“Hitomi,” I looked over at Allen. “I think, with your luggage and the way you reacted when coming up the stairs, we should take what you call the elevator.” I sigh and reluctantly, lead them to the elevator. I stop before we go into it.

“First, Allen, Van, your swords. I don’t need you putting holes in the sides of the elevator,” reluctantly, they agreed, with that we went on the elevator, and I pressed number 1.

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