Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


7. Ornery

___________________________Hitomi’s P.O.V_____________________
I am standing in the kitchen not knowing where to go, everyone was addressing me as Lady Hitomi, or Mistress Hitomi, I not knowing why, kept asking them to stop and they said they can’t. They meaning the ladies that work in the kitchen, who other than me and Malerna are the only females on this ship. Even Allen’s crew is calling me Lady Hitomi, and it is slowly getting on my nerves.

“Lady Hitomi--”

“Why are you calling me that?!” I ask finally losing it.

“Well because you are marring the Commander, who is a knight which then that makes you a member of the court, and in turn gives you the title of Lady or Mistress.” I sigh as I see that is no longer worth fighting over.

“Anyway, what was you going to say before I so, rudely interrupted.” he looks at me as if he is surprised at the way that I responded. As if he expected me to not accept what he said.

“Your stuff is in the Commander’s room, and you are expected on the bridge.” I nod and allow myself to be shown the way once again.
“What is your name?”

“Gadis, Lady Hitomi.”

“Oh I remember you now Gadis, except back then your hair was black now it is salt and pepper, and you have a gray  beard now. Time was not good on you Old Friend.” he suddenly blushed.

“Not cool, Lady Hitomi. Not cool…” I giggle. I decided to be ornery and make him blush even more.

“You kind of now remind me of Allen’s old Owl he had back when I first came to Gaea.” with that Gadis just started to walk away grumbling under his breath, expecting me to follow while the back of his neck was turning a beet red, and the ladies in the kitchen when we got out sight, you could hear the erupting laughter, echoing through the ships halls, and that only made him even redder all the way up to his hairline.

“Couldn’t you have waited till there was no one around to begin picking on an old man, such as myself. Where is the respect for your elders?”

“Well when the elder in question is an Old Friend, picking on the said old man is not disrespect, it is just pure fun and enjoyment. After all I am marrying your commander, and if I had a choice of you protect me, it would be the beet red, salt and pepper old man currently in front of me, to be my guardian, when Allen is away.”

“Thanks.” he mumbles quietly. Then I got a bit more mischievous. I pulled him to look at me in the eyes, and I see that instead of his normal silver eyes they were flat out white.

“So time, has also ridden you of your sight I see. By the way your show is untied.” he looked at me, but not seeing me. He squatted down and started to feel down his boot, and realizing that his boot doesn’t have laces. Tal happens to walk past us, when Gadis is feeling down his boot.
“What are you doing Sarge? Trying to make moves on the Commander’s girl?” if Gadis wasn’t red before he definitely is now.

“NO!!! This ain’t what it looks like, I swear!” he hollers out at the top of his lungs in a pitch of voice that could have been mistaken for a little girl, if I wasn’t standing here to see him say it.

“Sure…” Tal just walks away snickering. Gadis looks at me, barley containing a smile.

“You really enjoy picking on us, Old Men.” I nodded without realizing it.

“If I didn’t pick on you some time in your life, that mean that you was never a true friend and alley.” I smile mischievously once again. “Hey, at least Allen, isn’t gray haired yet, he looks as if he hasn’t aged a day.” he mumbled under his breath something I didn’t catch. “Anyway, you picked on the new girl the first time, now I’m just getting even. Pay back sucks don’t it.”
“I’m going to kill that Commander, for time leaving him be.” He mumbled not expecting me to catch it.

“You touch Allen, you have to deal with the no longer defenseless little girl, and without your sight, you would fail.” he suddenly pale five different shades of white.

“Yes Ma’am,” he says in a slight higher pitched voice.

     I did notice that the walls in the ship was now a pale blue, unlike that dreary metal that it was originally. The windows have a gold border, I did notice while I was still outside that their levistones, is much bigger now than they used to be, and they have more guymelef seats than they used to. As well as more cargo space. The floors was like a marble tile with white background with blue floral design. The corner posts in the hallways were gold with the blue walls made it look like walking in a Ocean, Atlantis temple. The windows had a light, pale blue tint to them, which even made it look daylight outside when you look through them at night. Everything became even more beautiful as we made our way to the bridge. The tiles in the bridge though are the same as the rest of the ship, but instead of blue floral design their floral design is the same lavender color as my wings, what the coincident.

By the time we reached the bridge, I see two women, one with pink and one with blue hair other than the hair color they look identical. They had paintings of me and other Draconians all over the walls, except for the windows, when those girls finally see me, their eyes narrow. When they narrowed their eyes, my wings start to flutter in frustration.

“Commander, I brought her up here, she was in the kitchen unaware on where to go,” Allen looked at me and smiled with so much love I could help but smile back. Those girls though, they glare at me when Allen embraces me. Which then made me want to claw their eyes out because one doesn’t have to be physic to know what they are thinking, or feeling.

“Thank you Gadis.” He looked at the blue haired girl. “Caset, time to take us to Palas.” she looks at him and that glare disappears.

“Yes Commander.” he looked at the girl with the pink hair. “Navie, cool the Levistones.” she too softens her gaze when she looks at him, which made me angry to the point I could no longer contain my wings. When they suddenly open, Allen suddenly looks back at me as well as the rest of his crew, who began to whisper amongst themselves.

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