Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


8. Little girl, isn't so little anymore

“Hitomi, what’s wrong?” I look at him and back at those girls.
“Nothing.” I snap. I turn and go to where the guymelves are at, and his eyebrows raised up, as he watches me run off. While taking a step back I take out my knife to sharpen it and practice, taking my anger out on the practice dummies I notice are recently installed.
     Allen finally found me with a nearly destroyed dummy, and trying to make it look like I didn’t do it.
“I found it that way.” he laughs.
“I’ve been watching you for a while, I know better. You picked up some things from last time you was here, and as well as on the Mystic Moon. You are pretty good for a girl and a beginner.” My wings starts to flutter in frustration once again.
“For a girl?” I quote tersely. He suddenly takes a step back with a sheepish smile.
“Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”
“You think?” with that I take me knife and throw it, ripping the head of the dummy and impaling it in the wall.
“Yeah… definitely.” I roll my eyes.
“So… Dearest Allen, who are those women on the bridge?” getting straight to the point while hovering because when I am mad, frustrated, or really happy my wings tend to react to that current emotion.
“Uh, um…. I found those shape shifters, right before they were sold as slaves for their rarity. Of being pink and blue shape shifting twins. The shape shifting is rare enough, but them being twins with such a rare hair color, made them more so.”
“So are they just crew members or more?” suddenly he too was angry.
“To me they are just crew members, though they wish for more.” so he knew. I calm down, as well as looking down.

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