Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


4. Forbidden Love

With that we descended down to the first floor, where Mother and the Mole was waiting for us. Everyone loaded up my mother’s car with my stuff, and I looked back at the apartment, and my old life. When I put my mail in my mail box, I closed off my old life, and opened another one.

“Hitomi, are you coming,” Van asked as he stands with my mom’s van door opened.

“Yeah I’m coming. Just looking at this place for the last time.” with that I kissed Van and got in the car.

     My mother drove back to her house, while I watch in silence as the skyscrapers and buildings flew past.

“Hitomi?” I looked back at Allen, and he looked so sad and lonely for some reason. “You’re awfully quiet.” I only shook my head and went back looking out the window. That is when Mother spoke up for me.

“She is always this quiet when she is in a vehicle.” he nods as if he understands, we pull up and my mom’s house and everyone puts all my stuff in the burnt circle of grass, where the pillar of light came and dropped them off. I was inside the house, going through my old room when I found my tarot cards, that is when Allen walked in when he saw me blowing the dust off them.

“You stopped doing readings?” he scared me to the point that I almost dropped them but three of them did fall: the lover, seven of swords, forbidden love. I gasp, and suddenly sit down, for I was unable to stand, for I was thinking about Van when those cards fell, meaning that those cards are his.

“Allen…” and the tears start to roll.

“What’s wrong Hitomi?” he runs over and falls to his knees.

“Van, isn’t mine, and whoever he has been with, is pregnant.” his eyes widen. “The same card that came up when I did Prince Chid’s fortune, that is how I kind of knew before you told me that you were his biological father, came up for Van, except it was reversed meaning that he cause such an act, not that he is the result of it.” Allen glared at the cards, and soften when he looked at me.

“I know who he is with, and you won’t like it, so I won’t tell you, but I will say this, the offer that I made you years ago, before the final battle begun, and you return here, is till available.” It took me a bit to remember what he was talking about, but then finally I did. He wants me to remember his proposal.

“What about Malerna?“

“I am only her knight, and she is married to Dryden.”

“Wait they got remarried?”

“Of course, he is handsome man, who actually cares about her, unlike me, who sees her older sister in her.” I shook my head, and went to what I wanted to know.

“I will give you my answer but first I want you tell me, who is his Mistress.” he looked down and said one name, the name that will come to haunt me for the rest of my life.

“Merle.” I slowly got up and walked to the front room where Merle is sitting on Van’s lap, and he is holding her, talking and having fun with my mother.

“Mom.” she looked at me shocked.

“Yes, Sweetheart?”

“I’m not marrying Van, but I’m marrying Allen.” Van suddenly jumps up and draws his sword and points it at me.

“Why?” I throw the three cards down at his feet.

“Well I know about you and Merle, and what Merle is carrying, and that you only wanted me to be your queen for my power.” He looks at Merle and she rubs her stomach.

“Allen is a knight of the old code, he may have done a few mistakes, but I would gladly take them as my own. Now I am ready to go home, to Palas, in Asturia.” I look at Allen, and take a step backwards. “At least Allen is a Man, not a coward of a boy.” with that I walk outside, and Van throws Allen my pendent, and everyone gathers around me and have a hand on a bag, and a hand on me, while I summon the pillar of light to take us all back to Fanielia.

When we arrived in Fanielia, I went to his bed, Van’s bed, and grabbed my duffel, and walked out of his castle and out of his life.

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