Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


9. Combat

“Then I owe you an apology, for thinking otherwise.” he too soften at my apology. “Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asks as he starts walking towards me. I walk over to where my knife is impaled in the wall and wiggle it out, then checking it to see if it has any knicks in it.
“Well where I used to live at, it was dangerous, so a woman has to learn to protect herself.” I say quietly. He is looking at me strangely, for some reason.
“That is one of the things I have always admired about you Hitomi.” I suddenly look up at him. “You always seem to surprise me.” then he suddenly kisses me, while I’m distracted, taking my knife away. Then pulls away, with knife in hand.
“Allen Sheszar! Give it back!” I yell. He sets it down and grabs a sword, the sword that I gave to Van. “Where did you get this?” I ask, because I’m so confused.
“Well after what happened, Van gave it to me, and I can’t think of anything better, if the daughter of the man that welded it, learns to weld it.” my eyes widen. I look back at my father’s sword.
“All I know how to do is, involves a knife, not a sword…” I ask suddenly scared. He walks towards me, with the sword in hand, he gets behind me and puts my hands in place, then uses his foot to spread my feet apart a bit more.
“I’ll teach you.” I look at him sheepishly, as he leaves the sword in my hands, in the position that he put me in. He then draws his sword and I gulp. He stands next to my in my exact position, and begins to show me what to do. For some reason though, it felt more natural then my knife did, not to long he and I is sparing, with both of us smiling. One of the times that I didn’t block in time, his sword is at my throat, but he spins around and kisses. That is when that we have had an audience for a good part of him and I sparring. Caset, the blue haired twin, looks at me and for some reason, she looks at me without glaring, which then surprised me, especially when she speaks to the others about me.
“Remind me never to make that woman mad.” everyone laughs and I blush while slowly walking to where the sheath is at for my sword. It feels wrong to call it that, but Allen did have a point, it would go to waste if I didn't weld it, especially with me being the last owner‘s daughter.
“I have an idea. Hitomi, lets see how you do knowing you have an audience,” my head suddenly spins to him and back to the crew.
“I prefer not…” I mumble. Allen sighs and walks towards me.
“My beautiful bride, I would feel better if you could use a sword with distractions around you, please for me…” with the look, I couldn’t say no. So to my displeasure, I belt the sheath on, and draws my sword.
“Fine, but I’m only agreeing because you have a point, especially being you are marrying a wanted woman.” I take my stance, and when he would take a step left, I would take as step right, we are circling each other. While the crew, being them, are taking bets who would swing first, and using my gift in dowsing, I am able to block them out while focusing on Allen. I could see what he would do first so when he charges at me, like he did with Van in the forest the first time they met, I am able to block it. I’m surprised at how strong I am, for the fact that I am able to keep is sword away, and he starts to sweat, I haven’t even started to sweat yet. I push him off and charges at him; he is so busy fending off my attacks that he doesn’t even gets the chance to give me advice. I some how am able to pick up sentence here and there.
“100 that she beats Commander.”
“You’re on.”
“Same, she isn’t even sweating yet, and it looks like she has been doing this her whole life.” that made me smile. That causes Allen to hesitate in a block, and my sword is at his throat, which surprises everyone, including him and I. I quickly sheaths my sword and starts to run.

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