Based off the anime, Hitomi Kanzaki, has returned to Earth, or also known to the people of Gaea, as the Mystic Moon. She was transported to Gaea to win a war, and now she is going back to be with the one she loves. King of Fanleia Van Fanel, or to be with the gallant knight Allen Sheizar. She is staying for the rest of her life, but how will a wanted Wind Goddess going to survive, when people want her head.


11. Being shy

-----------------------------------------Allen’s POV------------------------------------------
When Hitomi and I reach my house, I was expecting Celena to run towards me, but I didn’t expect she would say what she did. That made me slightly mad, I covered it up.
When we open the door, we could hear running upstairs, and I starts counting on my fingers, one, two,--- before I even gets to three, as usual.
“BROTHER!” Celena screams at the top of her lungs, with a huge smile on her face. She bounds down the stairs approaching us, and she tackles me in a hug.
“I’m home Celena.” she giggles.
“I can see that, and I also see that we have company.” she finally looks at Hitomi.
“H…hi.” Hitomi manage to get out, but that is all she could say. Which is unusual for her, she normally has a lot to say when it comes to meeting new people, but I guess my sister’s approach was a bit unorthodox.
“You hurt Brother Allen.” Hitomi suddenly lets go of her hand and turns to me.
“Is this true?” She asked horrified. I doesn’t even look at Hitomi but at my sister.
“Celena.” she gulps and looks at me. “You are out of your place. She and I are getting married.” she looks at Hitomi, and back at me finally.
“Well that is good because she can fix the heart that she broke!” with that she walks away in a huff.
“I’m sorry about that, she tend to be a bit protective over me ever since she came back.” She nods.
“Well, anyway…. Where will I be staying?” She looks me.
“With me, in our room.” She gulp for some reason. I lead her into our room which had a desk, with chair, and in the far in of the room by the window is a four post bed. She seemed to be very nervous about something, but she happened to look over to where all her bags are at and I walk to a set of double doors, which I opened and there is the walk in closet that I sent some of my men ahead to build for her.. “This is all yours. I sent Kal and a few others here to make some adjustments for you.” her jaw drops, as she sees some of the dresses that Malerna gave her, but told me not to tell, I just hope she likes them. While she is admiring the closet I start to unpack her bags, but I accidentally opens one of them, that has the most vulgur items in it. I pick up one of them, that would normally be considered underwear, but it would hardly cover anything. I gasps, which causes her to turn and look at  me, I suddenly drop the underwear and stand up. “Um… I’m… going to get something to eat.” I am already out the door before she could say anything else.
I actually never went to go get me something to eat, I go outside, to get a bit of fresh air, to clear my head. “She is from a different world with different types of clothes, you just have to get over that Allen.” I tell myself, as I stare up at the Mystic Moon. When she left, and Malerna remarried Tryden, I was tempted to ask Van for Hitomi’s pendent that way I could go to the Mystic Moon, just to be with her. There was always someone that stopped me, that gave me the chance after his step-father passed away in the war. I finally got to know my son, and got the courage to tell him the truth. He wasn’t all that surprised, I mean he looked nothing like his mother, or Step-dad, and he said that he would keep my sin a secret. I look up at my bedroom window, as I watch Hitomi’s shadow move about and I smile. I can’t believe that this day has actually arrived. I have imagined this day in so many different ways, since I first asked her to marry on the bridge when she and I first kissed, but I never really thought that it would end up being a reality. I hear the door open and close, I look over my should and there is my baby sister Celena. The one that disappeared and reappeared, my miracle, the last of my living blood family, and we are even lucky that she is alive. She was in the wars that Van and I fought, he and I even fought her, not knowing it was her because of Zybach’s fate alteration machine and turned her from a sweet little girl, to a blood thirsty man.
“What are you doing out here, Allen?” I look at her.
“Letting Hitomi, get settled.” She nods.
“You really love her don’t you?” I look at her.
“Yes I do, I have for a long time Celena. Finally this day has come and I become a bashful imbecile.” She giggles.
“Allen, you have always been shy to women that wasn’t princesses. That is just who you are. Being a Knight, you know how to act, talk, and treat princesses, ordinary women to you are a different story. But if it helps, not that I want to help you with her…” I look at her sharply. “Fine I’ll tell you. No matter if a women is of royal blood, Atleanten blood, or ordinary human blood, if you care about them enough, they can always be your Princess.” I look at her and hug her.
“Thank you Celena.” with that I run inside to my personal princess.
When I came back I notice that she already empted all of her bags and boxes, and I looks at him sheepishly.
“I’m sorry.” she shrug my shoulders.
“Its fine.” she says as she lays down on the bed.
“How is it fine? I mean yeah, your people dress differently than we do, but your clothes and culture are part of who you are, it shouldn’t cause me to…” for some reason I couldn’t find the right words, but whatever look on my face I had, it made her smile really big.
“Babe, My Love, you are not used to what your people’s prostitutes normally wear to be worn by ordinary people. It is fine.” I kisses her. I then wrap my arm around her and pulls her closer.
“You know, I am a very lucky man. Thank you for coming back.” she buries her head in my chest, breathing in my scent. “Van, has no idea what he had, and let go.” she smiles again.
“Thank you my sweet talker. I’m sleepy,” I pulls the covers over us, and pulls us closer she then falls asleep in my arms.
“Good Night my Princess.” then I too fell asleep.
----------------------------------------------Hitomi’s POV-----------------------------------
When I wake up, thinking that I have to go to work, but when I realize that I am in Allen’s house and bed, I relax. I roll over and looks at his handsome features, seeing age in his face, being this close, but when I was at a distance I couldn’t tell. I sigh, and in his sleep he smiles, which then causes me to smile. I love him, I known that then, but back then I thought I loved Van. Yes I did love Van, but apparently Van only loved my power. I suddenly get up and walk out to the balcony, watching the sun rise. The black sky slowly turning a gray, then pale blue, then when the sun hit the clouds, turning the sky to different shades of purples and blues. I just keep watching the sky, then I look up at the Mystic Moon. Wow, here I go sounding like a native of Gaea. I mean I looked up at Earth. Until I feel a hand in the middle of my back. I turn around and wraps my arms around Allen’s waist.
“Why are you up so early?” He asks, then he kisses my forehead.
“I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was having nightmares.” He looks down at me, with such sad eyes.
“What was it?” I look up at him.
“It was the wars. Ever since I left Gaea and Zabach was defeated, I have had nightmares.” He nods in understanding.
“I guess, that is understandable. I mean, you was a track star, then suddenly become a vital part of a war. That is bound to leave a mark. Don’t worry though, I’ll help you through this…” He tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Okay?” I nod.
“Thank you Allen.” He smiles as I raise up on my tip-toes and kisses him.
“I got a surprise for you. Dress in something nice and meet me down stairs.” I give him a questioning look, and smile.  With that he grabs his clothes out of his dresser and walks out. Not wanting to see my body until he and I are wed, and I understand that. I walk to the walk in closet, and pick out black and red form fitting dress with gold embroidery, angelical sleeves, with gold bands on the upper part of the sleeves, which happen to be long.
“Allen should like this.” I giggle. I put it on, then I slip on my fish-net tights, with my black leather knee high boots. I walk down stairs, and Allen is there arguing with his sister. I stop on the stairs when I hear her mention me.

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