The 9th grade experience

A lot of English stuff. We wrote these and I decided to share!


2. Twist story

I’m a WWE diva, and I’m on the way to this island that most likely hasn’t been inhabited for thousands of years. It was a message sent by Mr. Shane McMahon, or Shane O’ Mac as I like to call him. I don’t know exactly why we are going to this island about a thousand miles away, but, I hope it’s to wrestle. Oh, I forgot an introduction, My name is Shaelynn- Marie, I’m daughter of really successful people, my father is a mortician, and my mother is a plastic surgeon.

Anyway, I’m about 9 hours into flight and we are just about to land. You can’t even feel the energy and excitement of the dang people who dragged me onto this plane. I still can’t believe we are going to an uninhabited island! This is crazy. I just wish I could go back home, and fall asleep right next to my boyfriend, Randy.

Oh no, the front end of the plane just got bit off by a giant… Bunny? Where in the heck are we? Dang, don’t tell me that guy is going to actually try to pet the dang thing, I mean, it’s trying to friggin’ kill us!

Not a short time after the bunny had left we stepped out onto what appeared to be cotton candy snow. Then, we met up with a very scary gummy bear! I don’t care what you friggin’ people say, I’m not eating gummy bears anymore! I went to a counselor a short time after we left the island and the counselor asks me, “Why are you so afraid of gummy bears, they are harmless, and edible.” I had to reply back, “They turn into man- eating giant tarantulas!” Of course, she didn’t believe me and moved me to a mental facility immediately, but, I’m ok. I’m getting tons of psycho therapy every week!

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