The 9th grade experience

A lot of English stuff. We wrote these and I decided to share!


5. The Peacock Poem




Peacock, Peacock, blue and orange,

Peacock, Peacock, so so torn.

When choosing who to cut next,

you choose to peck the best.

Your colors, colors, shine so bright,

I can see them in the night,

you can take people and drop them of a building's height,

Peacock, Peacock, shine so bright.

Peacock, Peacock, don’t kill me please,

I’m out here begging on my knees,

I need my life so hear my plea,   

You know you need a smart, gentle lady like me!

We can work together now,

finding people, screwing around.

maybe killing them in the end,

breaking all their contact lens.

It’s time to die, ok, they’re ready,

This is the story of a Peacock with supernatural abilities, named Freddy.

His rhyme goes: 1,2 Freddy's coming for you,

3,4 Can’t lock your door,

5,6 die on a crucifix,

7,8 we’re going to party til late,

9,10 never see their faces again.

It doesn’t matter if your name is Ben,

it doesn’t matter if you’re a hen.

Freddy rules all,

Hey, wait, isn’t that the story of the Romans fall?

No, I think that’s the story of the kid and his ball,

Oh, I loved how that kid bounced that ball down the hall.

Eventually, they took him out with a stab to the throat,

When the cops tried to find the body, they found him inside a rotted, dead mountain goat.

The Freddy we know is so, so cold,

so when Freddy Krueger’s dvd was sold,

we knew Freddy had ate that disgusting, supernatural mold,

That mold of a person that once shine so bright,

That drove Freddy to kill people throughout the night.

Now that Freddy has fled the town,

We’ve seen him wearing a wedding gown.

He looked down,

at one of his latest victims, the indentured servant,

the team fled the scene wearing bridal gown, so I knew that it was urgent,

The fled the town their new gang name is the “Divergent.”

Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Chuckie, too,

are all on a killing spree in the 2014 days of new.

I heard the gangs’ roar of laughter last night,

maybe because they heard Scream screaming over fright.

This sight and sound is very rare,

although, the supernatural divergents don’t seem to care.

They like to hear people scream out in pain and fear,

Too bad this event only comes once a year

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