The 9th grade experience

A lot of English stuff. We wrote these and I decided to share!


1. Robert Frost parody

Whose creamy bars I think I know,

My face just turned as white as snow,

He will not see cream on my ear,

To taste the bars, nice, thick, and cold.


Sometimes they’re ginger and peach, too,

When I pass the barn I hear “moo,”

I feel the mist of the morning air,

I can’t help eat the peppermint now.


I hear the start of an earthquake,

I don’t even have time to wake,

The quake will swallow me whole “gulp,”

Then, I hear the “baaa” of the sheep.


I don’t know if I’m about to die,

I know for sure I’m about to cry,

I count my stars and pray to God,

That I’ll live to see tomorrow.

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