Unicorns And Rainbows

My name is Mia. I suffer from severe anxiety and I love my fandoms. I think that's all you need to know about me. This is my story.


1. Intro To My Somewhat Interesting life

Hi. (Or Salut because my french teacher wants to interfere with student's lives and make them use french in our daily lives, which isn't really much of a problem actually, because you don't really have to do that, making this completely unnecessary but that's okay because you might find this interesting. Well, I don't so you probably won't. Oh well.) My name is Mia, and I just started at the middle high school in my town. That means that over the summer the middle school closed, and kindergarten through sixth grade goes to the new elementary school, and seventh through twelfth grades go to the middle high school. I'm in eighth grade, but it's still my first year because the schools just changed. I have been suffering from severe anxiety for two years, and for the entire sixth grade I had to see a therapist. I'm currently in the middle of moving to my old house(Which is in the same town by the way so I won't be going to a different school or anything), which means a lot of cleaning, because my house is an absolute mess. I mean my mom has so much paperwork and mail it's just everywhere. My mom is all about working. It's like it never stops. She has her own business where she helps people with their businesses. She also develops websites, has an online training platform, and teaches old people how to use technology. Our old house that we are moving back into also is currently her air bed and breakfast. She used to also work at the local animal shelter, but she got laid off a few months ago because they didn't have the budget to keep her. Being her extremely busy self, she doesn't have a lot of time for me. It gets kind of lonely, but she yells at me a lot when we're together. She's the best mother I could ask for, despite our arguments and busy lifestyle. I don't have a dad, just a biological one. All I have to know him by is a baby picture, a note he wrote me, and my mom tells me she has a recording of his voice somewhere. I think I get most of my traits from him. He wrote all about his personality in the note. He writes music for movies. For all I know, he could be famous. So, since we only have one income, my mom has to work hard to support us. I don't have any siblings either. It's just me. People with siblings say I'm lucky, but you have no idea how lonely It gets. Especially without a father. That's why I say when my mom's busy I get lonely. Well, I suppose you'll want to hear more about me as a person not about my life, right. No, just kidding, most of you probably don't even care. For those of you who care, and want to hear, thank you. So anyway for those of you that care, I am a fangirl. Fandoms are everything. Papyton is almost canon. I have proof. Undertale is more than a video game, it has changed my life. DON'T BE A SANS FANGIRL. #Letsharkboysayf**k2k16. Brendon Urie is my bae. Memes are literally my life. No "Joke." (Also puns). Okay, sorry about that, that's just who I am. I also like athletics and writing. I have bright blue eyes and dirty blond hair. I hate my nose. I have acne. I also have glasses. I'm outgoing, but I'm also shy. I like to embarrass myself, and be with my friends. I also don't really have a favorite color, or a favorite food. I stand for gay pride and gender equality, and mostly equality in general. You should not be defined by race, and there shouldn't be words for your sexuality, you are a human being, love is love, we are all different shades of brown. Gender equality is very important to me. Woman should not be at home cooking in the kitchen. They are not sex objects and you shouldn't treat them like that. We should have equal pay for the same job. She is not strong for a girl, she is strong. You do not throw like a girl, and she does not throw like a boy. He is not trans or gay just because he likes "Feminine" things. He is not weak because he cries. We are all equal, no matter what. We are all human, like I said before. If you don't agree with me, well, so be it. Being human comes with different opinions as well. Now that I've told you everything about myself, I should probably end this chapter. Your probably getting bored, and to be honest, I am too. It's getting late and I'm pretty tired. Well goodnight, and don't let your memes be dreams.

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