Unicorns And Rainbows

My name is Mia. I suffer from severe anxiety and I love my fandoms. I think that's all you need to know about me. This is my story.


2. Friday


If you've read my last diary, which I haven't actually finished, well... Things have changed drastically since then. Let me explain. Ashley is a military brat. She moves everywhere. So this Summer, her mom decided to take her away from her friends and move her again. Now the topic of Justin... This is complicated. I had a crush on that guy for three years and what does he do? Dates me for a year, we have our first kiss together, everything is going great until on the last day of school, when I'm at Ihop with Ashley and her boyfriend, text him on her phone as a joke. "I don't know if things are working out between Mia and I." He texts back, because he doesn't think it's me. Soon he's caught on and that's when the drama starts. There was a huge fight on my squad's chat group that night. We were on and off for a while, but we couldn't stop fighting. I couldn't get over him. I tried being friends, but he told me he didn't want to. He started bullying me, calling me names, and throwing me constant insults. I missed him so much, even though he was being a jerk to me, until I went to camp. There I met a boy named Aaron, and everything changed. I was completely over Justin. Completely. 

Now, school is finally back. I'm not going to try to write this diary from the beginning of the school year, because I just don't have the time to backtrack that far. I mean it's October. You can't expect me to write a whole month and 1/4 that vividly with how busy I am.  So let's start with last Friday.

It started off like a normal day. I headed to french class with Vivi. We sat down next to Parker. I stared at my ex, Justin. I know I'm over him, but he's just so hot now. Puberty hit him real hard this year, but in a good way, because his voice is super deep, but it's still smooth. We make eye contact a lot. It's hard to tell if he still likes me or not. He suddenly grabbed his friend Delphi's water bottle and started squirting it from an awkward angle. I scooted my chair to the left so I could see if he was pretending to pee, when suddenly he turned around to pretend to shoot Delphi with her water bottle. Uh oh. I was too far to the left. He was bound to see me. He did, just as I predicted. We made eye contact and I looked into his green eyes. They were full of mystery. He suddenly said something inaudible to me and turned back around, and I realized this was the first time he'd talked to me since the last day of school. French class ended, and Vivi and I went to our other classes. At lunch, we went outside and sat in the goal like always, listening to panic at the disco and talking about memes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an acorn came flying at my head. "What the hell?" I said, looking around. Justin's best friend, Andy, stood a few feet away from the goal, smiling a stupid grin and looking pleased with himself. "What was the point of that?" I asked him. He shrugged and walked away. Two minutes later, he came back with more acorns. "What's your problem?" Vivi said. We stood up and walked over to a bench. We sat back to back and watched Jake and Justin follow us. Justin grabbed a handful of acorns and began throwing them at me. It was quite funny actually, because they either flew right past me, or bounced off the back of the bench. "You missed." I pointed out, scrolling through my instagram feed. One finally bounced off my head, but I didn't even flinch. "Ha!" He exclaimed like it was some huge achievement, but it really wasn't. Vivi and I got up and walked away nonchalantly. As we walked the track, I felt someone watching us and glanced over my shoulder. Jake and Justin were following us. Not even joking. I elbowed Vivi and gestured behind us. "Why are you following us!" Vivi yelled over her shoulder. I laughed.

After that odd day, I walked with Vivi to the buses and then walked over to the cheerio tree. We call it the cheerio tree because my soccer team throws cheerios around it, and stick some of them in the tree. Brittany, one of my best friends, joined me a few minutes later. "What's wrong?" She asked. "What? Nothing." "Oh, you look sad." She pulled out her laptop and flipped it open. I did too. Soon, the soccer team had gathered by the tree. I'm really happy with soccer this year. Now that I'm in eighth grade, I actually get lots of play time, and I feel more respected by my team. About an hour later, the game begins. I play right mid, and I find it really fun. I can be defense and forward. If it gets past Kate, the forward on my side, I can boot it back up to her. If someone boots it to a spot with no one in the middle, I can run to it and boot it up the field. The defense can also pass to me. The other fun thing about my spot is that you have to run. A lot. I love running so it works for me. After the game, which we sadly lost, I take Brittany and her sister Onyx home. Brittany stays for a sleepover though. We go to my house and literally go crazy and dance on my counter and sing at the top of our lungs because my mom is on a date. When she comes home, we've calmed down enough to be playing video games. We stay up until about 1:00, which is pretty early for a sleepover, but we were really tired. Just before we fell asleep, we talked about the boys we liked. I decided to confess something that has been bugging me. I think... I miss Justin. 

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