Stories of tragedies

The movella is made up of 4 one shot's.
The stories are:
Goodbye from the black rose
An ocean of love and hate
A broken silver sea
A kingdom of ice


4. A kingdom of ice

Long ago in a kingdom, where were a queen, she had the power of ice. She would freeze anyone, everyone. She was strong, powerful, but cruel. Her heart was of ice, as the powers she controlled.
Around her kingdom, where were 4 others, all of them with kings. And everyone had fallen for her.
But the queen, she cruelly said that the one who gave her his life would be hers. She wanted the heart of the man who loved her the most.
She didn’t trust love, she had been betrayed before. So now her heart was frozen.
She didn’t have any children, but she wished them. Even though she was cruel to the kings, she was always kind to the children, even from the other countries, from the other lands. She was kind. And her heart was a little warmer when normal.
Her castle was so big, so very big that she would always be alone. She herself had been locked in an ice cage. She didn’t want to see how the world was.
She was afraid of been betrayed again, of been hurt again.
So inside this castle, she just sat on her throne looking through a mirror, seen how the world looked like. Seeing one king after another, seeing how they ruled their kingdoms. And each and every one, she found their ruling wrong.
The kings were cruel to the people, but kind to the nobles. She kind of hated that. She could see how many people died. She left with anger for these kings, but she was cruel herself.
She walked through the castle, looking out the windows seeing how the sky was so blue. It was like she was melting. But only her heart remained cold.
She walked and walked, but she never stopped a minute. She only looked out the windows and walked through the castle. She didn’t want to leave it.
The children of her kingdom came every day to her, and she would play with them. She would happily sing for them. She smiled to them and then at night the children would walk home. And the queen, she would look out the window, looking after them, seen that they came home alright.
And then one day a letter came to her, it was from the kings. They wanted her to be their queen. And they said they mean it. But the queen wrote back to them: If you really love me, give me your heart. And then I will be the queen of your land.
She sent it to all of the kings, as they read it; they didn’t understand the meaning of giving the heart to her. Because as the cruel queen she was, she wanted their hearts, not as if they only should love her, but the real thing. She wanted it so deeply, because her own was as cold as ice.
The kings then wrote back to her: they have already given their hearts to her.
It was kind of funny, she thought. That they really thought they had given their heart to her.
She wrote back to them that she never had seen their hearts. Never felt it inside her, beating.
The kings were so afraid of her now, and they all took up their swords, going into her land. Walking right up to the castle and knocking on the door, waiting for her to open up. And she did, she didn’t see why she should be afraid of these men, these kings. They were only humans.
She let them inside the castle, so the children shouldn’t see anything. She sat herself on the throne, and the kings looked up at her.
They didn’t understand why she wanted their hearts. They felt anger forward her. They felt disgust. And she only smiled.
I have only begged for your hearts, but you are the one with the choice of giving it to me. I have never said that I demanded it. I only said that if you wanted me to be your queen, you had to give me your heart. That is not cruel. I find it fair.
The kings were angry, they were so angry that they all took their swords and pierced them through her heart. All 4 swords into her heart which was cold as ice.
She only looked at them, as the blood dripped down her chest; she looked at them with tears in her eyes.
And she said: I have given up my heart a long time ago; maybe you should do the same, for your own kingdom, for the fault of your own people. See through the mirror and you will understand what you have done to the people, you will understand what pain you have created to them. And look at me then, you will see the consequences of what you have done. You will see your fate, as you become so cruel that you demand another human’s heart.
With that, tears ran down her cheeks and she breathes her last breath. The kings did as she had told and looked into the mirror. They saw all the sins they had made, and all the kings’ hearts began to turn into ice. And everything had turned to ice. The people, the houses, the grass, everything turned to ice. And the only thing that would be heard was the crying from a young girl.

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