Stories of tragedies

The movella is made up of 4 one shot's.
The stories are:
Goodbye from the black rose
An ocean of love and hate
A broken silver sea
A kingdom of ice


3. A broken silver sea

Try to imagine this beautiful forest; the trees are so big, so tall. The leaves are green almost as jade. And the fruit on the trees have the colours of diamonds and another beautiful stones. The apples were like rubies, so red, so beautiful. 
But inside this forest was there a little sea, and round this sea there were big stones, making a circle like it’s a magical thing. It was normal, but it was looked at from above, from the moon. This sea was normal.
The creatures living there was small fairies.
One fairy was kind and friendly to everyone. She was loved by animal and by the other fairies. She was happy; she had lived in this forest her whole life. She had friends and she even had the most beautiful wings.
Her skin was blue, a very beautiful blue. Her hair was purple, a very, very deep purple. Her eyes shined like diamonds. And her wings were all the colours from the rainbow. At first sight you would fall in love with her, you would think she was so beautiful.
As time goes, she had never thought about leaving the forest.
She danced in the air, danced and danced to the music the wind makes by blowing through the leaves. And to the tones of the birds, who just sang and sang. She was happy, she danced and danced.
Then one day a human walked into the forest. As a friendly fairy, she didn’t hide. She looked at him from the tree, from above. The man didn’t see her, but he felt something. He felt, she was near.
As he walked through the forest, he ended up at the sea. He looked at the surface and sat on one of the stones. The moon was now high up in the sky, turning the surface of the sea to silver. He thought it was magic.
He closed his eyes a moment, and opened them again. Right in front of him, the little fairy flowed. She danced and danced in front of him, smiling friendly. He didn’t say anything to her, and she didn’t say anything to him. She just smiled and danced.
After some time it was like some magic had broken, and the man left. And the fairy, she sat on the stone he had left. The heat was nice.
The next day he came again, and again she danced in front of him. She danced and danced, as the moon was shining down on them. She was kind of happy that he came back. She smiled to him friendly. He didn’t say anything, and she didn’t say anything.
He left the forest, but the next day he came again. Like this they did it again and again, she danced and danced and he looked at her. But every time it was like a spell been broken as he left, and she just sat on the stone feeling the warm, as if she was trying to remember how it felt.
One day she didn’t dance for him, he came, but she didn’t show up. She hided herself, thinking that she was better without him, she didn’t want to hurt herself. She had fallen in love with a human, and she wasn’t happy about it.
The man left as he didn’t see her. And she just hided, seen him turn his back on her and walk away.
Ever since that day, he never came back. Maybe he thought he was crazy for seeing a fairy. But every day at full moon, she danced in the surface of the water.
And when years after an old man walked into the forest, he sat on the same stone and looked at the water. Only now all he would see was the wings the fairy, flowing on the surface of the water breaking the silver surface.
She was no longer in the world; she had never really existed. Maybe she was just an illusion. Maybe he had gone crazy.
But there in the water, the wings flowed with the colours of the rainbow. So beautiful, and with that the fairy never danced again. And he turned to stone, looking at the beautiful wings.

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