Movellas is my second home. The Movellians are my second family. I feel like you guys are some of my closest friends, even though I am the biggest weirdo to ever walk the face of the Earth. And I've often found myself wishing that Movellas was running the world, or that Movellas was a sort of school. If it were, I would've high-tailed it out of my middle school already. But because that simply isn't possible (not yet, anyway. Maybe Movellas will, one day, open a school for writers), I decided to bring the fantasy to life with a Movellas fanfiction. Here, writers and artists are taught to hone their skills with classes on story development, drawing, and even lessons devoted to a particular fandom. This is the Movellas School. Are you ready to join? //A thanks to @Kween Kwait for making the cover, and a thanks to @SnowPotato_ for making the crest!//





 The Richmond, Virginia Times

Calling All Writers, Artists, and Fans! Movellas is the School for You!

 By Serra Ortega


The Movellas School of Writing, Reading, and Art, shortened to Movellas School and occasionally “M.S.” by its soon-to-be students, is a school built to hone the skills of young writers and artists.

Originally a website for aspiring authors and artists, Movellas was described as a tight-knit community where people were accepted for who they were, no matter what sexuality, race, belief, or gender.  There, authors exchanged advice and constructive criticism on each other’s work, artists expressed themselves creatively, and internet friends conversed freely with each other on message boards.

But this August, as the users, nicknamed ‘Movellians’, braced themselves for the new school year, Movellas became much more than a website. Much more than a safe-place, much more than a second home.

For on August 25, 2016, a young author who had started her career on that very website made an appearance.

Natalie Evans, New York Times #1 best-selling author of the My Name Is Queen historical-fantasy trilogy, had emailed  Community Manager, Skye S., in hopes of giving a generous donation to the website in a never-before-seen way.

Natalie Evans’s eager fans have always known her to be one for administering huge surprises and revelations in her books, and she doesn’t fail to deliver in real life. Natalie Evans handed over her family’s old three story, six-winged hotel in Germany to the Danish company in hopes that they would open up a school, not only to help writers and artists improve their skills, but to also help them escape the pressure of the normal schools that simply didn’t fit their needs.

With classes focused on fandoms such as Twilight, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Disney, and lessons involving art and music and writing, the school could only be called a dream.

But after only a month of preparation from Movellas itself, and three years of planning from Miss Evans, Movellas School is a reality, opening to excited aspiring artists and writers from around the world on September 5, 2016.

And Movellians can definitely expect the best, nothing less.

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