Movellas is my second home. The Movellians are my second family. I feel like you guys are some of my closest friends, even though I am the biggest weirdo to ever walk the face of the Earth. And I've often found myself wishing that Movellas was running the world, or that Movellas was a sort of school. If it were, I would've high-tailed it out of my middle school already. But because that simply isn't possible (not yet, anyway. Maybe Movellas will, one day, open a school for writers), I decided to bring the fantasy to life with a Movellas fanfiction. Here, writers and artists are taught to hone their skills with classes on story development, drawing, and even lessons devoted to a particular fandom. This is the Movellas School. Are you ready to join? //A thanks to @Kween Kwait for making the cover, and a thanks to @SnowPotato_ for making the crest!//




 * The author would like to note that she is willing to recruit a 'teacher' for the classes of Divergent, Anime/Manga, D.C. and Marvel, and 1D/5SOS. If you volunteer for the above, then you are portrayed not only as a student but as a teacher. The author will expect a bit of help with each category, as those that are named are not in her area of expertise.*



Classes to Take


In the old schools - the middle schools, the high schools, and the HEAVENLY elementary schools, you were taught math, science, and were forced to go to P.E. Here, you are encouraged to show your creative side with classes focusing on fandoms, creative writing, art, and graphic design.


One Direction/Five Seconds of Summer 1O1

Are you a Directioner? Of course you are!

Here, you are taught the fine art of  fanfiction.


How to write a non-cliche, original fanfic ; how to avoid stereotypical characters ;

lessons on 1D/5SOS’s history ; what fanfics to read, and why.


Anime and Manga

Hetalia? Awesome. Attack on Titan? OMG!

Watch anime, read manga. The perfect class.

* The author is in need of a person to teach her the art of anime and manga.

Perhaps a fan who can act as a teacher in the Movellas School?


Harry Potter Fandom Dream

Every year, on Harry Potter’s birthday (and other important Harry Potter dates), the Harry Potter fandom is welcomed into the Movellas specially designed Hogwarts classroom, complete with the dorm

rooms of the four famous houses!Surprise appearances from Harry Potter, Hermione Granger,

Ron Weasley, and the rest of the gang!



Once Upon A Dream…

The Disney Fandom will definitely be having a party in this class with lessons on the

making of a Disney movie, the fairy tales that were the building blocks

of each movie, and funfacts on Disney’s classes.



Watch the Twilight movies; read the books! Fangirl with others in your fandom,

and be sure to ask the author questions… she makes an appearance every once and awhile.


The Hunger Games

No, Movellas is not going to send you in! Don’t worry! But you will be

educated on each District, play trivia games on the Hunger Games books,

and debate upon whether or not Gale should go with Katniss or Peeta.




The Marvel and DC Movies & Comics

You know the drill! The Avengers, Justice League! Debates on

Superman v.s. Batman and Captain America v.s. Iron Man.

*Note. The author only knows about the movies. She will need someone who has

read the comics to educate her.



Classes on songwriting, writing the music itself, and just listening to music altogether.

From classical to punk rock, there’s something for everyone.

*I can play the piano, so I will actually include little pieces I wrote.

There will be a key on what each note means every time I do a chapter on music.


Graphic Design and Art

Though the author is not an expert on the art of graphic design,

She can always try. Learn which are the best (free!) websites to go on, and since

all you Movellians are talented in this area, just create covers and banners. You are

also taught how to best sketch, color, and paint a picture.


Percy Jackson Fandom

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Here, you can go on ‘quests’ once a year

on the Summer solstice,  and you can take classes on fencing, archery, and

Greek and Roman mythology.


Writing: The Development of a Character, Plot, And Other

Skills Essential To Writing Your Newest Novel

So, you're a writer? Or, do you want to be, but you feel as though your

work needs to be cleaned up. Maybe you're just fine, and only want to share your work

with the world. Either way, anyone is welcome!




* The author tried to include all fandoms, but that was virtually impossible and it is currently 11:08 her time. She is also extremely lazy. The author will add more to classes later. If you have a fandom that you feel should be included, let me know. Divergent and other fandom classes to come as soon as she gets her act together. She would also like you to know that she cracked up laughing while writing 'WELCOME TO CAMP HALF-BLOOD!' 

....She is a weirdo.*


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