Dont stop :-)


2. time to partehhh!!

I woke up with the sun in my eyes. I felt a strong pair of arms around me. I looked to see Luke. Luke!! Why is he-oh wait he slept with me last night,even though I said no. Well I gotta pee!! Really really bad!! I try to get up but Luke tighten his grip on me. "Luke I gotta pee!" I said trying to get up again. He let go of me and I ran to the peed and washed my hands and walked back out to my bed. I got on my phone and it said Harry styles posted a picture 1 minute ago. I squealed to the top of my lungs and looked at the picture. Man he was cute! Forget cute he is sexy!! I was scrolling through my news feed when Michael came in. I looked up and saw he didn't have no shirt on. Okay? "Hey..... I just came to tell you that calum and Ashton went to get some food." He said. "Okay?" I said. Then he walked back out the door and I got back on my phone. I got bored so I jumped on Luke. He didn't even move. I was on top of him. Then I started jumping up and down. "Luke wake up!!" I said. Then his eyes flew open and he looked at me with a smirk on his face. "I see you couldn't wait" he said putting his hands on my waist. "Nasty. I was just trying to wake you up. Now let go of me!" I said trying to get away. "I will let go if you give me a kiss." He said. " like a kiss on the cheek?" I asked with my eyebrow arched up. "Yeah. Sure." He said. So I leaned down and went to kiss his cheek but he grabbed me by my face and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back at first but then I realized that it was too soon. I pulled away and got off of him and walking out the room without another word said.

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