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1. I ain't no bitch!!

"You ready? We have to go!"yelled claum from down stairs. "I'm coming!" I yelled back. I grabbed my stuff and ran down stairs. I seen calum looking at me. He had a black t-shirt,black skinny jeans,and black vans on. He was kinda cute. "You ready to go?" I asked putting my phone in my back pocket. "Yeah.come on."he said opening the front door. We walked to the car and got in and drove to school.

(At school!!)

We got out and me and claum walked in. Luke,Ashton, and Michael walked up to us."what's up cal and Lyla?" Michael said giving me a hug followed by all the boys..but cal. "Nothing..just about to go to my locker and class" I said giving him a smile. Then I walked past the and went to my locker and got my books for reading class. I started walking to class when someone bumped into me and said "bitch watch where your going!" I just looked at him and gave him a stank face. "For one I ain't no bitch and you should watch where your going ass wipe!" I said still giving him a stank face. "What the fuck ever.....just watch where your going bitch!" He said rolling his eyes. Okay!!! This mother fucker done did it!!!!! I looked at him and said "like I said I ain't no bitch!!" Then I punched the shit outta him. He grabbed his nose in pain and I just walked away like nothing happened. I walked into reading class and took my seat. I grabbed my book and started reading till class started. I was flipping through pages when my teacher Mrs. Reese called my name and said I needed to go to the office. I grabbed my stuff and went to the office. When I got there I seen the kid I punched siting in a chair. I walked in and took a seat and just looked at them like they was stupid. "Miss smith .. mr. hall told me that you punched him.... is that true??" The principal said. "Yes I did because he called me a bitch and I don't walk on four legs!" I said poking my lips out. He just looked at me and then handed me a piece of paper that said home school suspension for a week. I grabbed my stuff and walked out and slammed the door. I was pissed but at least I get to stay at home for a week!! I guess imma go home I ain't got nothing else to do. Wait...calum has the keys to the car!! Imma text him!!

I got in trouble and I have to leave!! To:cal-pal😭🙈

Okay?? Imma see if the boys wanna come!! To: lyla❤️😂

Okay!! Just hurry up!! To:cal-pal😭🙈

Now I have to deal with all the boys!! Oh lord!! I was sitting waiting for cal and the boys to come. I was on my phone playing subway surfer when I heard laughing. I looked up and seen the boys. I walked up to them and said "took y'all long enough!" They just looked at me and kept on laughing. Well then! We walked out to the car and I got up front ,cal driving, and the boys sat in the back. I turned the radio on and my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard started playing. I just looked at calum and then we busted out laughing!!

We pulled up at the house and all of us got out. I ran to the door and went straight to the couch and plopped down. I turned the tv on and family guy was on. I was watching tv when calum came in and grabbed my legs and sat down and put them in his lap. I didn't mind so I kept on watching tv. Then he said "why did you get in trouble?" "This boy called me a bitch so I punched him" I said still looking at the tv. He didn't say anything else he just looked at the tv. Then the boys came in with snacks and stuff. Mikey and ash sat on the other couch and Luke sat in the chair. I was looking at what they got out the kitchen and seen Luke had my ice cream. OH NOT TODAY!! "Luke why you got my ice cream!" I said giving him a mean glare. "Can't you share? I really love this kind of ice cream." He said with his bottom lip poked out. How can I say no? "Only if I can eat it with you!" I said. "Come on!" He said. Then I got up and walked over there and sat in his lap. He grabbed the spoon and got some ice cream and fed it to me. This kept going on for like a hour. By then we done ate all the ice cream and family guy went off and then other boys were asleep. So I guess it's time for me to go to sleep. I got off of Luke's lap and grabbed the tub of ice cream and went to the kitchen and threw it away and put the spoon in the sink. Then Luke came in and asked "where do I sleep?" "Anywhere you want to....I guess" I said walking past him to the stairs. I was about to walk up them when he grabbed my arm and said "can I sleep with you?" "No....Luke." I said and jerked my arm away. Before I could get up the stairs he grabbed my arm again. "Please....Lyla you know you want me too." He said with his bottom lip poked out. Man...he knows what to do when he can't get his way! "I guess....just don't try anything.. okay lukey??" I said and smirked. He smiled real big and nodded and followed me up stairs. We got to my room and I went to my dresser to put in some comfy close. I pulled out some black short shorts and crop top that had HARRY STYLES across it and his face. Man I love that shirt!!! I turned around and seen Luke staring at me like I was dumb. "Can you turn around so I can change?" I said with a smile. He smiled and turned around and I quickly got dressed. "You can turn around now." I said throwing my dirty close on the floor. He turned around and looked straight at my shirt. "What? You haven't seen Harry styles before?" I said walking to my bed. "Yes I have..... and is it okay if I sleep in my boxers?" He said rolling his eyes. "I don't care but don't try anything...luc-ass" I said with a little chuckle. He rolled his eyes and striped to his boxers. Then he walked to the bed and pulled the cover back and got under and snuggled up. I got up and turned off the light and went back to the bed and got under the cover with him. I turned on my side and snuggled up to my pillow. I was have way asleep when Luke put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. At first I was gonna tell him to stop but then I felt really warm. "Goodnight...lyla" "goodnight Luke" and that was the last thing I heard before I went to sleep and dreamed of food.......

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