Of Doves and Guns

Jake x Reader
Part of the Of ___ and ___ series


4. Our Memories


" Oh this place is just gorgeous!" I shout to myself. Right now I'm on yet another adventure. I discovered a lone island that lacks any human inhabitants, so of course I had to check it out.

As I was enjoying the strange natives of the island, especially these tiny flying bulls (they were adorable), I stopped paying attention to my surroundings, causing me to slide down a cliffside. I use my grapple gun and latch onto the cliff. Below are more trees so I slowly lower myself down.

I make it through the trees and land in a field of flowers. Due to my lack of attention, I fail to notice they were roses until it was too late. Soon my vision blacks out as my burning body falls limp...

..." Gah my head, what happened?" I slowly regain conciousness, eyes still closed.

" Oh thank gog you're ok. Poor maiden, I found you lying in the field. At first I thought you were merely sleeping, but soon noticed you weren't breathing... umm... nevermind that, are you ok?" My eyes slowly flutter open, soon spotting a cute, flustered boy.

I giggle a bit, worsening his flustered state. " I am quite alright, and no need to be all shy about it, it was only CPR." He nervously laughs a bit as he tubs the back of his neck.

" W-Well it's good to know you are alright. So what brings a young lady like you all the way to this island?"

I notice I am in a house, a unique one at that. " My apologies, I heard that it was uninhabited, and that not a lot of people visit. My curiousity and sense of adventure both agreed that I should come and check it out." He let's out another laugh


" Uhh...[name]... what are you doing?" I look Jakey in the eye, all the blood rushing to my head.

" Hanging upside down of course silly." He laughs as he pokes my forehead lightly.

" Well before I go, do you need anything? Or maybe you'll rather-"

" Now Mr. English, we already agreed you would spend the few days before the wedding at your best man's home."

" I know I know, but it bugs me a bit that you will be left here by yourself."
I quickly peck his lips, causing me to start swaying a bit, " I'll be fine Jakey; it's only three days okay."

He kisses me before picking up his suitcase, " Okay, but if you need me don't hesitate to call." I chuckle a bit, waving goodbye as he leaves.

The next few days were lonely, but worth it. I finally perfected my grand entrance, and squeezed in plenty of shooting practice... however a green demon finds me and uses me as bait. At first I just tolerated the pain, knowing Jake will save me and we will be okay... but the days started blending together, and my body became numb to the pain. I even started to wonder... 'Is this how my story ends...' Hope started to fade, until we finally arrived at the grande battle. It was the first time I have seen sunshine in so long, and it filled me with warmth. I knew... that it doesn't matter if I make it or not, but what truly matters, is that Jake is alright...


" [NAME]!!!" I hold her in my arms, and I can feel the warmth leaving her body. " I-It's going to be okay." Tears start falling, since deep down, no matter how much hope I have, I know Jane won't be able to revive her. She places her hand on my cheek, which I immediately hold in my own.

" Jake, don't cry. It doesn't suit you very well." I laugh weakly, my heart still hurting. " Jakey... can you do something for me?"

" O-Of course, anything my dear!"

" I-If I die, I want to go as Mrs. English..." She coughs, her life nearly drained, " Can... can we exchange our vows... please..."

My hold tightens, tears gushing out as her pleas continue, " I-I once believed that deep down I always wanted to be alone... but the day I met you, I knew it was a lie. Everday with you is an adventure all on its own. *hic* And...and I won't let it end like this. You have to make it! What about the great entrance you promised me?! I don't want to live without you... please..."

She smiles warmly, though her eyes are nearly lifeless... " I remember... the day you saved me... I knew that adventures may be fun... but its nice to have friends. You and everyone welcomed me into your family, and I couldn't be any happier... I love you with all my heart Jake... I always......did......."

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