88 Keys to Say "I Love You"

Makenzie "Mak" Johansen is your average teenager, except for one major detail--she is secretly a musical prodigy. How does she keep her secret from the world? She is known across the world as an internet prodigy. Posting videos of her playing the piano, but remaining anonymous. When she meets Issac, and her secret threatens to come out what happens? Read to find out.


2. Two

Being any sort of public prodigy results in being shown off to the world and being expected for only greatness by anyone and everyone. This means practices that last for hours and your entire life being surrounded by whatever gift you have.

My mother has been that way since she figured out that I could play Beethoven's "Für Elise" on the piano when I was two without any sheet music, and I'd only ever heard it when it was the only thing I would fall asleep to when I was around six months old. So, like any proud parent she put me into some private lesson thing, and had me play in every recital, talent show, and pageant that she could find. By the time I was six, I had enough trophies and ribbons to fill a room, and a pretty good start on a college fund. Even as a six year old I hated all of the attention that I was forced into, and after my last recital I refused to play the piano. My mother was furious.

My dad, on the other hand, was proud that refused the spotlight, but always tried to get me to play again. Being a former concert pianist I guess he understood the situation. I refused to go near the piano for about six months though. Marcus was actually the only person to convince me to play it again.

It was our seventh birthday, and as a small tradition Marcus and I always made each other a gift. The day before out birthday and party we exchanged our gifts to each other. I had made him a finger painting of both of us together smiling, and he gave me a clay model of a piano. Then he asked me to play a song for him. At first I obviously refused, but being a twin means that there's no one closer to you.

"I know you miss playing it, and maybe if you play again mommy won't force you to preform," He said to me. "I miss you playing, too."

I nodded and we went into what used to be my dad's music room that we transformed into mine. I climbed up on to the bench with Marcus sitting next to me and placed my little hands on the keys, and played a small song I had written with the help of dad.

The song started out slow and solemn, but quickly changed into a burst of energy. As my little hands glided over the keys I could reach I could hear the story behind the notes again. It was about a princess locked away in a tower and she decided to break out herself, and challenge the dragon. As I played the duel the song turned intense the lower notes and minor chords as the dragon, and the major and higher keys as a fearless princess. When the dragon is defeated the intenseness dies down and a small victory is played. The prince, sent to rescue her, stands in the doorway of the tower amazed at the princess' fearlessness, and they fall in love with a happily ever after ending. 

My parents stood in the door way smiling that I had played the piano again. My mom started talking about signing me up for more lessons and more performances. 

I simply said, "No, I want to play the piano, but I don't want anyone else to know."

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