88 Keys to Say "I Love You"

Makenzie "Mak" Johansen is your average teenager, except for one major detail--she is secretly a musical prodigy. How does she keep her secret from the world? She is known across the world as an internet prodigy. Posting videos of her playing the piano, but remaining anonymous. When she meets Issac, and her secret threatens to come out what happens? Read to find out.


1. One

"Mak, c'mon," Jonathon, my best friend, pleads with me. "He's really cool and like a dude version of you: sassy, sarcastic, cold-hearted, and like really weird."

"Thanks but no thanks," I say barely paying attention to what he's saying anymore. "I don't have time for a boyfriend or a potential boyfriend fro that matter. You know I can't have a relationship and keep things from them."

"But like he told me he thinks you're really cute," he says dragging out the last word. "Besides if you like him enough maybe you could tell him about you-know-what?"


"No!" I say a little too fast not to avoid people turning their heads in my direction. I feel my cheeks go red and I duck my head down so my hair covers my face. "I just don't think that it's a good idea. Nobody can know about it except you, Marcus, and my parents. I would probably get forced into preforming, and everyone would make-"

"A big deal out of you and your gift. You don't want that because you're too scared to be up on stage, and would rather stay invisible," Marcus finishes the speech I've given him so many times before.

I nod and the bell rings signaling that Study Hall was over and it was time to go suffer in Hell on Earth--Physical Education.

The day continues like any other, except that Jon kept bugging me about trying to set me up. One of my friends had previously tried this and not only did my secret almost get out, but I ended up crying over my heart break. I was not interested in having a relationship for both of those reasons and many more. Like, I'm not a "romantic" individual, I don't like PDA, I only ever hug Marcus--my twin brother--and Jon, I have no interest in sex what-so ever, and finally I'm 100% okay with being single and focusing on just myself.

By the end of the day I had told Jon to shut up about his friend at least a dozen times. I walked from my locker to the court yard of the school were I hang out with Jon and Marcus after school, but there was someone I've never seen before talking to them. As I walk up I conclude that Jon, even after my continuous protests, is still trying to set me up with who ever his friend is. 

"Hey," Marcus says giving me a side hug and kiss the side of my head. 

"Hi," I say hugging him back. "Who's this?"

"Mak, this is Issac Bell," Jon says smiling like a little kid who knows he did something wrong. "Issac, this is Makenzie Johansen."

"Just call me Mak, I hate being called Makenzie," I say glaring at Jon for using my full name.

"Hi, Mak," Issac says awkwardly.

"Jonathon, can I talk to you in private," I say through my teeth. 

All Jon does is nod, and we walk over to a corner out of earshot of Issac and Marcus. I glance back and see that Marcus made it so Issac's back was towards us, but he watching me carefully.

I turn back towards Jon and hit in the chest, "What the hell were you thinking? I told you I don't want you to set me up with anyone, and you freaking brought him to hang out with us!"

"I know and I'm not sorry," Jon says. "You two are literally perfect for each other, and like you need somebody new in your life."

"I don't need anyone new, Jon, especially anyone that could end up like the last time," I say getting quieter with every word. "I just really want to focus on my new video, I've almost got it down."

"He won't end up like the last time... he won't hurt you. I promise."

I shrug my shoulders and examine my shoes,"You don't know that... I'd rather just stay single and just have you and Marcus and my parents."

"Will you at least just talk to him? Like be his friend? For me?"



"I'd rather do P.E. for the rest of the year than even acknowledge his existence," I say grimacing a little bit at the thought of more Phys. Ed.

Jonathon looks at me and his eyes are filled with a sort of sadness I'd never seen before, "I really feel like he would be good for you to get to know. Even if it's just as a friend. I'm worried about you, Mak. You've literally shut out every single friend you have even me and Marcus. Please, just talk to him today at least, and maybe if you like him then you can talk to him more?"

"Fine I'll talk to him today, but if I don't like him then you have to stop trying setting me up with him," I say finally giving into his pleas.

Jon nods and we walk back over to Issac and my brother. I stand in-between Marcus and Jon, facing Issac. I talk to Marcus mostly since I am pretty annoyed with Jon, and the awkward level between Issac and I is way too high for a normal conversation.


 When it's time to go I hug Jon good-bye and wave towards Issac. Marcus and I walk to our car and I get in the passenger seat. On the way home I try to figure what I had just gotten myself into, and trying to look forward to the weekend.

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