''Teenager in Love''

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  • Published: 15 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 15 Sep 2016
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An outsider teenager ends up having the coolest girl in school.


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   Bart Witwicked was in 7th grade. Unlike the others, he was not one of the cool kids. He was no athlete, girls do not fall for him much. Bart was not total nerd anyway. He was just focused mainly on his education. Well, secretly he wishes from time to time a girl or two to talk to him or at least meet him during the recess but this never happened.

Girls in his school, just like in the movies, preferred older guys with muscles and nice cars.

No matter what, Bart Witwicked liked himself. He was actually content with being sort of quirky and different. Bart was his own hero, living in his own galaxy. The boy acquires traits like politeness and true kindness-something found in people nowadays very hard.

''Good boys always finish last''-he thoughts sometimes but thought also better to finish last than betray his values, he couldn't be bad after all. It was not in his nature at all. Bart couldn't even imagine being tough, doing grown-up things like sneaking out home, absent from class for no reason or secretly drinks beer and worse-smoking cigarettes.

The boy liked his life for now no matter he was not popular among people in school. No matter other teens rarely speak to him, no matter girls do not pay attention to him. Bart was happy and he was at peace with himself.

Bart Witwicked was quiet,too. Can you name any obedient kid beside him who do not crawl on the nerves of family and friends? Bart was just one of a kind, a reborn angel.


                                                                                         . . .


  The one thing Bart likes as much as studying was music. Today his favorite singer's new album hit the stores and while walking down the Rock Island High , the teen boy felt so incredibly thrilled and was almost trembling of excitement that very soon he'll go and buy the CD. His favorite singer was the princess of r'n'b- Hope Allie. Bart has all her albums. Later in the day, he will have her new one, called'' Accelerate''.

Bart imagined that sacred moment in his head-going to Illinois, entering the music store, holding the album in his hands.....but soon the biology teacher turned him back to Earth with another pop quiz for the day. The seventh grade boy was fond of biology. He was good at pretty much everything, but biology was in his favorite top 3 list.

The quirky teen escaped from problems and worries through the music of Hope Allie. She gave him courage and strength to go on and never give up. If it wasn't for this remedy-music, Bart didn't know how he would handle the often hard days in high school. He wouldn't survive in the jungle, called teenager life without his music idol-Hope Allie. Maybe it was funny, but the boy was in love with Hope, he feels her so close. Maybe because she was his only friend girl next to him, even though he never met the music star. Bart Witwicked was also influenced by some of the lyrics of her songs, just like in ''Better Days'':


''Soon,very soon, you'll find better days for you and your soul, never lose your belief''-was the first line of the chorus.


 His hope and confidence grew bigger day after day until that last day of June when Bart found strength to ask Amanda/the prettiest girl in his class she never noticed him but who the teen was secretly in love with/ if she would like to go with him to a Hope Allie concert in Illinois.

-Oh, don't tell me you like her,too! Are you kidding, Bart?

-So, you like Hope Allie?

-Dah, she's my favorite singer! How did you know?

-I didn't!-shyly replied Bart-I was just asking.....

-Yes, of course I'll come with you! Who normal girl will reject a free ticket to a concert of Hope Allie?!

Bart Witwicked couldn't believe his ears. Really? Amanda Thompson accepted him as equal and didn't treat him like an insect?

-Bart, all these years I thought you're just a science nerd but you proved me wrong. Forgive me,OK?

-No...nnn...ooo problem, Amanda!-stuttered Bart totally surprised. It was amazing how his favorite music star opened him the doors to a date with the coolest 7th grade girl in the whole world. If someone could have told him this, Bart would laughed at him immediately, but....yeah, this is real.

Now Bart wished to know earlier what he already knew and saved himself the torment and sneer of the other boys who already had girlfriends and who told him he will never have one. But better late than never.

-Who's laughing now, fellas!-said Bart proudly to his critics and haters-Tonight, I'll be going to a Hope Allie concert with Amanda Thompson! Bye and have a great vacation y'all!

 All the other teenagers remained open-mouthed. They were sort of shocked by the news. But how? Why? The prettiest girl falling for a total nerd? Life is unfair, indeed. For those who always feel untouchable and center of the world and for the bad ones.

  Life has finally smiled at Bart Witwicked. He was patient enough to wait for all the good. His politeness and kindness didn't remained unnoticed. God always cares for the good people. No matter what and how.

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