1. Emptiness

If knowledge is power, I'd rather live without... It's the contienceness that makes me see what life really is, it's planned. Society plans our future, we are programmed to live. Maybe we'll get a family and maybe we'll get a job. But we'll live. I don't see the joy in that. I see the joy, when I think about not thinking. If there was a place where I wouldn't think at all. I would now be waiting in a line to get in. But there is a place and I'm waiting, waiting for death, emptiness and relieve. In that way I'm concerned about the so called paradise, if there is a such place. Death wouldn't be a relieve, just another world with the same purpose. And I would never want such a disappointment again. I've tried it, to think that it would be over, but regretting.. Not because of trying, but because of the ignorance within. To actually think that it would change. A child's dream, a child I was and a child I remain. Emptiness, emptiness come to me.

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