Witch Bitch

Zoe Winters. A witch that was born with the element of fire gets sent to The Langdon School Of Wizardry.

"So what do you do for fun?"

"I burn people alive"


*WARNING! this story contains discussion of self harm. read at your own risk :) *


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


Zoe's P.O.V


I get out of the black cab. My black,rubber boots glistening because of the sunlight. I look up at the tall building in front of me. 

the building had a big door in the front of it. The door was a dark brown and It looked old. To be honest the whole building was old. It was coloured a dirty cream shade with a few grey parts in the bricks they used to build it with. 

I roll my eyes and pull out a cigarette from my boot. I shut my eyes, making my cigarette instantly light up, I then place it between my lips entering this Hogwarts wanna be school. 

I walk down the halls and even though I don't look like I care about anything that goes around me I'm actually quite alert. 

I notice the snorts of laughter coming from the boys in the corner ,as one of them makes a sexist joke. I notice the failure of the girl that's trying to levitate a piece of paper with her magic. 

I blow out smoke from my mouth, placing the cigarette between my index and middle finger as I walk, making sure I leave a few ashes on the way. 

After five years of my mother keeping me behind closed curtains, not knowing a damn thing about the outside world, she decided to put in me in this shit show of a school. 

It all started when I was five years old, I was having a tea party with my stuffed animals and my bear wasn't standing up properly. I got frustrated and lit him on fire. My parents came in my room and saw my bear burning to ashes as a grin was plastered on my face. That's when they knew I was a witch.

My fathers a wizard just like me as my mother's a human. 

My father started training me but after a year he was murdered by a jealous wizard. 

I was always home-schooled, My mother never trusted me with other children. When I was ten years old she re-married to this guy named David, but she didn't know that he was abusive until after they got married. 

One day I came home from the grocery store and I see my mum on the floor, a red hand mark on her cheek and David with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. I dropped my groceries and before he could say anything I set him on fire,burning him alive until he was noting but a dead burnt man. 

That's when my mother decided to lock me up for good. I didn't have a problem with that at all, I don't like human contact anyways. 

But all that time I was locked inside my house I decided to go through my fathers fire spells, learning each spell perfectly one by one. 

Now, I'm sixteen years old and My mother got a letter from my dad's mother, my grandma. 

She's the headmistress of this school now and she thought it would be a great idea to get her granddaughter into this school. 

I suddenly bump into someone,making me drop my cigarette. he squishes it with his foot. "you're a murderer" He says to me. 

I look at him straight in the eyes, a stupid smirk plastered on his face. I keep a straight face as I set his hair on fire. He suddenly screams and I walk away, now with a smirk on my face. 

News gets around when you're a witch, so Almost everyone knows how I burned David to ashes. 

I love hearing the screams of people. The douche bag brought in on himself for calling me a murderer. 

suddenly I'm in a office, sitting down in a chair. I look around, "what?" I ask myself. 

I was walking down the hall a second ago, how the fuck did I get here? 

I see the chair in front of me turn around, an old woman in the chair. My grandmother. 

She looks at me, her hands folded on the desk. 

"Zoe" She says. "Grandma" I reply. 

She sighs. "you haven't been here for an hour yet and you already set someone on fire!" She says  rubbing her wrinkly face. 

I shrug. "He's the one that called me a murderer " 

She shakes her head, grabbing a cigarette from her table. "Listen Zoe" She starts, but before she continues I hold my hand out, the cigarette flying from her fingers to mine. I wink at her as I place it between my lips, lighting it up. 

She rolls her eyes. "Listen Zoe" She starts again. "You need to learn to control yourself. I know you're a very powerful Witch but you can't go around, setting people on fire" She says. 

I blow smoke at her and look down. "you should thank god that I'm your grandmother because If I wasn't I would have already sent you out" She says bitterly. 

I try to change the subject. "So what am I gonna do In this dollar store version of Hogwarts?" I ask, smirking a bit. 

"Number one, this is The Langdon School Of Wizardry, don't talk shit about it." She says. I chuckle and roll my eyes. 

"Number two, You will be learning new spells and potions and you will also learn to get along with people, got that?" She says. 

I nod. "yeah, can I leave now?" I ask. "yes, you may" she sighs.  

I sigh and get up but before I could get out of the door she stops me. "And Zoe, do behave, because I will have to expel you if you misbehave again" 

"will do" I say. I drop the cigarette on her floor and smile at her before walking out.







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