Dimensions is the main chain of my stories, others including Untouched Dimension and Alpha Dimension. Tohru Hinada, our crazy protagonist, is a dimensional traveler, constantly jumping from world to world. Throughout her 300 years of jumping, she has gained many different powers and ablities, along with lots of new friends. The appearance of an alternate version of herself starts to cause some major problems. Who knows what will happen next or where she ends up next.


1. Tohru's Train of Thought

All references belong to their respected owners. I do not own any rights to any of the references.




  Tohru needed some time alone, for her thoughts started to crowd her mind. She jumps into a rift in space, relaxing as she literally floats in nothingness.


  Sometimes it was like she had more then one brain in that pale, freckle covered head of hers. A majority of the time she would have multiple thoughts at once, which sometimes mix together in odd ways (such as when she thought up a robo, butterfly winged paradog thingy... she still doesn't know what the original thoughts were). This would give her nasty headaches, which would make her grouchy, and she hatees being unoptimistic.


  Anyways, Tohru is floating in the rift, straightening her thoughts out in her most effective way possible... by talking to herself of course.


" Well I am boooorrrrrrreeeeeddddddddd... but what should I do?"


" I fought hollows yesterday so that's a no. Speaking of hollows, there is that odd, hollowed out tree I found in that one dimension. I wonder what it's for?"


" Oh maybe it's another Wonderland like in that one world. I wonder how little Alice is doing?"


" Speaking of Alice, I wonder if she is still fighting with Gil? Haha, Oz is quite the popular kid."


" I wonder if Kid ever got over his obsession with symmetry?"


" Of course not dimwit, it's Death the Kid we are talking about."


" Wait why am I talking to myself again?"


" Oh yeah, I was talking to John and Dave when they started talking about meteors and then... huh... I can't recall."


" Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, I'm so bored." And the process repeats again.


" No it doesn't!" Wait you can hear me?


" Duh, you're me... or I'm you... gah! Stupid voices in my head. That's it I'm leaving... Oh look, I've never been to this dimension before." And with that Toh- I mean.. I set out on a new adventure.

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