Dimensions is the main chain of my stories, others including Untouched Dimension and Alpha Dimension. Tohru Hinada, our crazy protagonist, is a dimensional traveler, constantly jumping from world to world. Throughout her 300 years of jumping, she has gained many different powers and ablities, along with lots of new friends. The appearance of an alternate version of herself starts to cause some major problems. Who knows what will happen next or where she ends up next.


2. The Untouched Dimension

  I step through the rift to find a lush green dimension. The place is filled with all sorts of different plant life, giving it a beautiful and untouched look. Ooh Untouched, I like the sound of that. I wander for a bit, after a few minutes of still not finding any signs of civilizations. Soon a small bird starts to sing a beautiful melody. " C'mere cutie." I slowly let out my hand with a gentle smile, which the bird lands on rather clumsily. " Aweeeeeeee-"


" Careful, those crepidans will bite your hands off." A mysterious voice said, the bird attempted to bite me. I gasp slightly, but then simply shoo it away.


" Phew that was close thanks." I offer her a kind smile, to which she returns with a wide grin.


" No problem. Name's Victoria. You must be new to Syrvania. Everyone here knows that crepidans are canivarous." She laughs rather loudly, closing her forest green eyes as she laughs. I take a moment to look over the quite tan girl. She is somewhat tall, roughly around 5'7 if I had to guess. She has vivid red hair up in a messy bun, a green tank top with a black vest, then khaki shorts and a sweet pair of black hiking shoes. Overall she reminds me of Jake, with a tad bit of Blackstar mixed in, seeing how loud she is.


" Well nice to meet you Victoria, tell me, are there other humans here as well?"


She nods, laughing again, " Of course, you make it sound like you're and alien or something."


" Haha, let's go with the something." I chuckle until Victoria suddenly went quiet. Next thing I know she glomps me to the floor.




I blink a bit in confusion, " I'm sorry who? My name is Tohru."


She takes a moment to look me in the eyes before jumping off, rubbing the back of her neck. " Whoops! Sorry about that. Guess she really did drown huh.... Oh well, as long she is at peace or something." I sit up, unable to respond to that..... I mean... I don't even know cause I'm so confused. Soon that same melody plays again.. only this time there is A HUNDRED OF THEM!!!! I was about to requip my swords when Victoria spoke up, " Don't worry, I got this." She picks up her rifle... wait when did she have that? Anyways, she takes aim, " The trick is to aim for the alpha, the rest of the flock will fly away instantly. The less casualties the better."


I clench my fists, ready to protect this strange girl. They swoop down at a speed equal to flashstepping *BANG* as I was about to charge, she successfully shoots the alpha, causing them to flee in fear. The look of shock on my face is far from hidden. 


" Don't worry, I used a tranquilizer dart. No need to kill a creature that is only trying to feed its flock. That should be respected." She starts laughing, only to have me interupt her by nearly violently shaking her in my excitement.


" OH MY GOD THAT WAS AMAZING! YOU NEED TO JOIN ME ON MY ADVENTURES! WE CAN START A TEAM!!!!" I stop and clear my throat, awaiting for her response.... which leads me to cover my ears.


" HELLLLLLL YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!" We both then proceed to laugh. Once we finished laughing, I turned away and created a new rift which leads to yet another new dimension. Sweet. I can't wait to see what this adventure has in store for me and my new teammate.

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