Dimensions is the main chain of my stories, others including Untouched Dimension and Alpha Dimension. Tohru Hinada, our crazy protagonist, is a dimensional traveler, constantly jumping from world to world. Throughout her 300 years of jumping, she has gained many different powers and ablities, along with lots of new friends. The appearance of an alternate version of herself starts to cause some major problems. Who knows what will happen next or where she ends up next.


3. A New Team

  Victoria and I arrive at the new dimension, standing in the middle of a gardenia field.... right next to someone's house... whoops. This must be their backyard. " I wouldn't stay there too long if I were you, this is the Dorian house after all." We climb over the fence and thank the boy with slick, light brown hair. " Anything for a pair of beautiful ladies." He smirks and winks at us, to which I was just about to freak out.


" You need to join our group!!!" Okay maybe freaked out a little bit.... shhh.


" Pardon?"


" Every famous group I have ever seen has a perverted friend."


His cheeks turn light pink, " H-Hey now! I may be a flirt, but I am no pervert!"


I laugh at his slightly flustered state, " Fine then, you can be the flirt."


He clears his throat, " Anyways, what kind of group are you even talking about? Are you from a traveling theatric group?"


" Oh no, we are-" "Adventurers!!!" Victoria interrupts. I let out a chuckle before continuing, " Yes, speaking of adventure, can you show us around town?"


" Sure why not, just don't forget an umbrella." We give him a puzzled look since there isn't a cloud in sight.


We arrive in town, and several people start throwing things at Soul, which is his name according to the angry citizens. Soul dodges with ease, ignoring the hateful things they call him, or the shouts that say they would be better off without him. Soon one of the guys we passed runs into the middle of the road behind us and throws a ragged rock at Soul, aiming for his head. Without turning around, I catch it, inches away from his head. I give the random citizen my signature death glare and a deadly smile on my face. " Are you aware of what a rock this size can do to someone?" I glance at the rock, which is slightly larger than a baseball.


He gulped upon seeing the look on my face, but stood his ground, " He's nothing but worthless trash! The world would be better off without outcasts like him!"


" Well thank you for clearing up your intentions." I pull my arm back, " Y'know, with enough force, I can kill you right where you stand." With a reasonable amount of force, I hurl the rock at him. He holds his head, in hope of possibly saving himself, leaving the target area wide open. It hits him square in the stomach, causing him to fall to his knees in pain. Soul looks back at me as I continued walking, Victoria trailing behind, " Relax, all that will do is bruise him. He will be okay in a few minutes." He looks back once before catching up to us in the now silent town.

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