What I Am Made Of

my name is Narla, I am nearly sixteen. I have three best friends that are always there for me even when I had to over throw our queen. now there is a new issue that I have to deal with any way this is me and this is my story.


1. Prologue

So … I know that you have all heard my story you know: girl in shunned and looked down on, someone dear get taken, girl gets enough guts to save loved one, girl is hero that is outlawed, girl continues to fight back, girl gets army, girl kills evil person, all is well and The End. Right? Kind of. So yes I was shunned and miss treated. Yes someone I loved was taken and I got enough guts to save them. I was already kind of outlawed beforehand though but it was particularly enforced after what I did. Yes I continued to fight back but I wouldn’t really call three of my friends fighting with me an army and they helped do everything except kill the evil person (I did that just on my own and all I did was jump off a building. She chose to follow me. She died because she did not know how to control herself while she fell or how to land correctly. But I did not come away unscathed though I broke my legs which have healed now if you were wondering). And yes it was all good and well in the end but that wasn’t the end. I was fifteen at the end of that I had a long life ahead of me. I still do. At the moment I sixteen or I will be in two days. I am writing this because I feel like something is going to happen and the reason for this thinking is this weird new guy turning up. He showed up yesterday and went unconscious pretty much right away so I don’t what he wants but I am going to keep this as a record of what happens like I did before. BTW (By The Way) Rose and Jack are now officially together. Just so you know.

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