What I Am Made Of

my name is Narla, I am nearly sixteen. I have three best friends that are always there for me even when I had to over throw our queen. now there is a new issue that I have to deal with any way this is me and this is my story.


2. chapter 1

Life has gotten better since the queen died and her daughters moved into the orphanage. They still act like brats but not quite as much. Also if they do act up others can put them back in their place which is not above everyone else.
Meanwhile Rose and Jack have started to date. Which has been leaving me and Doug alone. A lot.
Anyway that is not the most interesting thing that has occurred lately. The hunters that used to only attack the animas in the woods a little and now constantly and a group of them even came into town. They say that a few of them are here to explore and that their boss should already be here. I am guessing it is the guy in the hospital but we cannot be sure. For all I know the wolves could of eaten him. Anyway I don’t know what to do. They do not belong here that is already very clear.
I am on patrol at the minute and as usual there is nothing out of the ordinary; so I head back. I should check on the guy in the hospital. I wonder if he has ulterior motives.

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