All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


12. Wtf Phil's mum

Dan's POV

"Quick question Philly,"

“Are we going to tell anyone about this or not?”
“Uh, I guess I’ll have to call my mum and tell her since she’d flip she found out I got married and didn’t tell her.”
“But what are we going to do when we suddenly get a “divorce” since we’re only doing this to get Liam back?”
This is possibly the worst idea ever, no one is going to buy that we suddenly want to get married. Also what if Phil feels like we’re taking this too far and he won’t go through this whole marriage plan. Phil’s not even gay, why is he even pretending to marry me?
“Don’t worry about it now, we’ll think of something when the time comes but for now let’s just fake marry each other.” Phil answered.


“So mum, I have something important to tell you and dad.”
“What is it, sweetie?” Phil decided to call his mum first to break the news but I could tell he was nervous. Although this was a fake engagement, I knew how much marriage meant to Phil and his family. I lightly squeezed Phil’s hand to help ease his nervousness.
“Mum, dad, I’m getting married!” Phil blurted out. Since he was speaker I could hear everything but after he exclaimed out the news, the line went silent.
“Mum? Dad?”
“Our baby’s getting married! Who’s the lucky girl, Philip? Do we know her?” Oh dear.
“Uh, actually, I’m engaged to Daniel.”
“Yep he’s the one.”
“I knew it! Your dad owes me some money now.”
“Mum! You bet money with Dad to see if I would marry Dan?” I giggled at this. She thought I was going to end up with her son; that made me kinda flattered that she fought I was good enough for her perfect son.
“Of course I did! Anyway when’s the wedding?” Phil looked at me with wide eyes. We never discussed a date so I whispered “How about November 29? That’s when we uploaded PINOF last year so why not?”
“November 29.”
“Philip! That’s in two weeks! How do expect to throw a wedding that little time?”
“Uh we weren’t going to throw a huge party, we were just planning on getting married without making it a big deal.”
“There is no way on the earth I’m going to allow my son’s wedding day to be uneventful! I’m going to help you and Daniel out, Philip. I love you bye! Bye Daniel, I know you’re there too!”
“Bye Mrs.Lester!” I bid goodbye.

“Well at least she took it well, hopefully my parents will too.”

“Hi mum! Is dad there?”
“Not at the moment, why did you need something dear?”
“It’s fine, I’ll let you tell him when he gets home. Anyway mum, I’m engaged and getting married-“
There was a loud thud so I assume my mum dropped her phone. Wow is it really this much of a shock that I’m getting married well not actually married but still.
“Mum you still there?”
“Adrian! Your brother is getting married!” She shouted. I heard a bored “Good for him.” in the background then my mum started screaming again.
“Mum please it’s not that big of a deal.”
“Are you crazy? It is a big deal, Daniel. Now who’s my future daughter in law? Is she nice? Is she pretty? Oh I can’t wait to have grandkids!”
“I’m not marrying a girl. I’m marrying Philip.”

“Are you joking? Please tell me you’re joking. Why Philip? There are plenty of other nice girls out there, dear.” She didn’t seem to be happy about this so I looked over at Phil who just looked at me. God, I wish he was actually my fiancé. I knew that I had to say something quick so I said the first thing that came to my mind.”
“Mum, you probably don’t approve of me liking men, but I love Phil, he-he’s the love of my life-“ I couldn’t believe I just said that in front of Phil, he’s probably going to think I’m weird, but to be completely honest, I meant every word.
“Daniel, I know you love Philip, it’s very obvious. I just didn’t want to believe this was true since I owe Catherine some money now!”

“Are you actually kidding me? Phil’s mum made a bet with you too?” I laughed along with her.
“Yes! So when is it?”
“November 29.”
“Daniel! That’s so soon- honey, I have to go Catherine is calling me. I love you! Say hi to Phil for me! Bye!”

“Wow I can’t believe our mum’s bet on us.” I said, completely forgetting about the whole "confessing my love to Phil to my mum over the phone. "

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