All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


10. I can’t do this anymore.


It’s been a whole week since I dropped off Liam at CPS, I’ve felt very empty ever since then; Phil has helped a lot but it felt like something was missing.

Whenever I got home that day I took the baby, Phil immediately hugged me and we sat crying for hours. I knew leaving him was for the best but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. 

I was currently snuggled up to Phil on sofa in complete silence, we’ve been doing lots of cuddling recently which was quite nice; sometimes Phil would already be sitting on the sofa with a blanket waiting for me to come join him, it made me feel better about the whole situation.
Sitting in complete silence let me do a lot of thinking. Usually thinking, for me, wasn’t a good thing but today it was quite the opposite. 

“Hey Phil?” I whispered to Phil, who had his head lying on my neck.
“I can’t do this anymore.”
“Can’t do what?”
“Philip, I want my baby back.” at this Phil slowly looked up at me with the hugest smile then attacked me with a hug.

For the next few minutes, we did some research on how to get Liam back.
“Hey Dan says here that you can be single to adopt-“
“I doubt they’ll give a 3 month old baby to a single parent, they’ll be more likely to choose a married couple over me.” This was hopeless, I really wanted my baby back but I guess I was just getting my hop-

“What if we find you someone to pretend to marry?” Phil suggested obviously running out of ideas.
“Phil, you know that’s probably illegal right? Besides who would want to marr-”

“What if you marry me?” wait what, “You know so we can have a higher chance of being suitable parents.”
Did I really just hear Phil say he’d marry me? I mean I know he’s only doing this for Liam but still.

“I dunno Phil, you need to ask me properly.” I said in a jokingly flirty way. Phil just laughed, sticking his tongue out and holding his stomach; how did I ever get so lucky to have this adorable man in my life.

After he stopped laughing, Phil got down on one knee and said, “Daniel James Howell, will you make me the happiest man on earth-“ he pretended to open an invisible ring box then continued,” Will you marry marry me?” 

I knew that this was all pretend but I couldn’t help but get excited and feel these butterflies in my stomach. I over dramatically gasped and yelled, 

“Phil Lester, yes!”

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