The Mystery Ahead

Awakening in a cave with strangers with no memory of her life before is something Nanami didn't expect to happen, not to mention she's suddenly a Pokemon! Trapped in an unknown world with an unknown purpose, Nanami teams up with some unlikely Pokemon and tries to unravel her past and help her partners along the way, but can she accept her past life while trying to keep her developing future?


1. Prologue: Exploring Treeshroud Forest

Exhausted, I sat down to rest at the midpoint of Treeshroud Forest. I barely had time to recover until a booming voice from behind me bellowed, "Oi, Ezekiel! Ya need to slow yourself down, my golly!" Sighing irritably, I turned to my partner, Bibarel, who was breathing heavily and plopped next to me. "Well, you need to keep up with me. Your the one that wanted to come along!" Bibarel frowned at me and responded, "Well, if I didn't volunteer, you wouldn't be here now would you? I only came so that Alphonse would give you access to leave the guild." I opened my mouth to respond, but I closed it sheepishly. He is right of course, Alphonse wouldn't allow me to go this far if I didn't have a partner, no matter how many times I've told him I wanted to do my exploring solo. His response is still fresh in my mind: now Zeke, you know how Layla and I feel about this, so quit fighting against us and just explore with a partner. Once you're done at the guild, I'll let you make your own decisions, until then, you follow my rules. I gritted my teeth; Does he simply not know how strong I am? I can handle any S rank mission on my own, however, every time I bring a guildmember, I always have to either abandon the mission or focus on fighting and protecting them! While I was brooding, I didn't realize Bibarel was sitting right in front of me, looking at me apologetically. "Now look kid, I know you hate the idea of exploring with the other guildmembers and I, but you do know Alphonse only does this is because he worries about your safety, right? So does Layla and the rest of us at the guild." I glanced away from him and grunted in defeat. I knew he was right, I just hate the fact that it's true. Sitting up abruptly, I gave him a mischievous smirk and began running. I turned my head towards him and yelled, "WELL, KEEP UP THEN BIBAREL!" I slowed down and waited for him to catch on and sprint after me, then together we sprinted deeper into Treeshroud Forest.


It was nearly sundown by time we reached the deepest part of the forest. It was my most favorite place to go when I had the time and partner. Many explorers come here to take the "Rarest treasure of all", but only turn back once they see the beauty of the treasure, which is a Time Gear. Long ago, some Pokemon from the future came to our time and began stealing the Time Gears, which started to alter time. It almost brought destruction to the world,until two Pokemon stopped the disaster and restored time. They were known as Team Mystic, Layla and Alphonse, and they now are one of the most successful exploration teams around. Once peace returned, I traveled all the way to Treasure Town and asked to become an apprentice to them, which they agreed to, but under one condition: I had to join the guild and graduate. I promised them I would, so for the last two years, I've been training and under the same time, Alphonse took over for Wigglytuff, the previous Guildmaster, and Layla became the town medic. I heard they had a third partner, but he's been in the other town, Paragon Prairie, training in another guild. "Hey Zeke, is there a guardian for this Time Gear?" I came out of my thoughts and looked at Bibarel in confusion. "No, its always been just the Time Gear in this clearing, why?" He had his eyes locked on something and I tried following his gaze and froze once I saw what he was looking at. "Zeke, there's a Pokemon over there, and I don't think it's moving." We both gave each other a worried glance and ran up to the heap of blue fur. When I got closer, I noticed it has long light blue ears, two darker blue dangles on both sides of their face, and dark blue paws that covered their long light blue tail. From a distance, it seemed unmoving, but up close I barely saw their chest rise and fall. I looked over at Bibarel, who kept staring at the injured Pokemon, and I said, "Bibarel, we need to get this Pokemon back to the guild and contact Layla." He gave me a yup-yup and together, we lifted the blue Pokemon and hurried carefully out of Treeshroud Forest and headed home. 

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