Fighting With The Enemy

this is a story about a 16 year old girl, Cierra, who is part of the M.I.A trying to save the world. she goes undercover in a school with a bunch of government agent kids ad tries to uncover long held secrets about her mother and her death. Will she be surprised at the results? fall in love? A modern Romeo and Juliet story an action-adventure with romance in it.


2. Under Cover

"Why do I have do be disguised as the nerd?" I whine.

"Because Cierra, you're the youngest and you have to do what we say." States my older brother, Michael in a bossy tone.

"Fine", I give in. "but why do you have to come, I can handle myself"

"Omg! Cierra is soooo strong and clever, hmmm, too bad that we had to save you from being imprisoned last week." adds my other brother Tate.

I storm off to the school bus and hop on pretending to by shy and scared infront of the other kids. In my opinion I looked so fake with my glasses and pigtails, but no one seemed to care. 

"your name in this school is now Jenna Brown, got it? don't draw attention to yourself, just blend in." Michael tells me in a hushed voice, "you're hear to find out information about the government's secrets, dad did some research and found that a lot of agents come to this school, so find out what you can."


I step into my first class and hear snickering from the back, I look up to see obviously the bad boys sitting at the back with their feet on the desks. A boy also sitting at the back with the group caught my eye. he had sandy blonde hair and his face looked ghostly pale, I wonder what's up with him.

My teacher introduces me and tells me to take a seat next to Alec.

Alec waves in my direction and gives me a wink.

Oh no. I think but keep my face neutral and walk up and sit next to him in the back row, his friends giving whistles but I ignore them. 

Throughout the lesson they won't shut up so I ask them politely when that doesn't work I stood up with rage burning in my eyes, wishing I could punch them out the window.

"Oh my god can you guys not shut up for one second I'm trying to work and I don't understand why the teacher won't tell you off because it's clearly bothering the whole clas--!"

"Jenna!" I hear a voice at the front yell.

I give no response.

Alec gives me a smirk and I slap him across the face. An echo of ooh's and ahh's ripple through the room and all is silent.

Oh no I thought, my brother's going to be so mad.

"looks like you're in trouble" says Alec and nod's to the front of the classroom where the teacher is ripping out a detention slip for me.

"Great," I moan as I take the slip from her.

"look's like i'll be seeing you in detention" Alec says. oh how I hate him.

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