Fighting With The Enemy

this is a story about a 16 year old girl, Cierra, who is part of the M.I.A trying to save the world. she goes undercover in a school with a bunch of government agent kids ad tries to uncover long held secrets about her mother and her death. Will she be surprised at the results? fall in love? A modern Romeo and Juliet story an action-adventure with romance in it.


1. my life so far

I ducked behind a tree a split second before an arrow shot through the empty space of where I was standing and plummeted to the ground.

I knew for sure now, I wasn't alone.

I paced my breath to make it silent and my ears twitched for any noise to come, but nothing was heard.

A hand gripped around my mouth and pulled me backwards throwing me to the dirt.

I look up to see a blurry face, and muscular body cracking knuckles, stepping towards me. I straightened up and dodged punches as I thought of a plan, he was obviously stronger, so I have to be defensive and sneaky.

he swung at my head and I was too slow to react as I was hit against a tree.

He aims a gun at me which he pulled out of his back pocket, and I freeze, slowly turning around to face the man.

His lips mumble words and I know he's calling for backup. he doesn't take his eyes off me as he enquires me. I answer each question with another question to make sure not to reveal information about myself, something my father and brothers always taught me.

I hear distat footsteps of the backup team and he rips his eyes away from me for a split second.

that's when I fling myself to the side, behind a tree and deafening shots of the gun are heard whizzing passed me.

I dash into the deep woods, darting through trees and raise my speaker watch and ask where everyone is. I hear a reply from a husky deep voice

 : We're on our way, if you weren't so stupid and waited for our instruction to go we wouldn't be in this mess!

I ignored the comment and ran towards flashing car lights.

As I stepped inside All my four brothers hugged me into a dog pile. Sometimes I wish I had a sister or mother.

We sped off into the distance and back home.

I don't know if you realised yet but our family isn't usual, we run the M.I.A, a secret organisation set up to protect the innocent.

We are usually seen as the bad guys because the government always portray us like this.

Our mission is to stop atomic bombs from being dropped from satellites and destroying humanity.

So, are you in or out? 


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