Fighting With The Enemy

this is a story about a 16 year old girl, Cierra, who is part of the M.I.A trying to save the world. she goes undercover in a school with a bunch of government agent kids ad tries to uncover long held secrets about her mother and her death. Will she be surprised at the results? fall in love? A modern Romeo and Juliet story an action-adventure with romance in it.


3. Murderer

Cierra's POV:

I really need to control my sudden bursts of anger I pondered as I step into the detention room to see Alec, the only person there.

The teacher takes my slip and proclaims that there are camera's in here so we can't use our phones. I take no notice and sit one desk to the right of Alec. I may as well make up for being mean to him.

"I'm sorry I slapped you earlier, you were just being really annoying. so how did you get a detention?" I asked, still not wanting to be completely nice.

Alec clutches his heart pretending it had been ripped out. I just giggle at him.

We sat in silence for half an hour and I felt my eyes wandering over to look at him, he was concentrated on his phone not realising I was staring at him.

He has emerald green eyes, that stood out from his slightly pale skin. His short brown hair was swept out of his face. I noticed he had one freckle on his neck.

"Cierra, if you take a picture it will last longer." A voice snaps me out of my daze and I look down at my lap blushing, hoping he doesn't notice. He doesn't continue, only keeps looking at his phone.

I lay my head down on the table and sleep.

I wake to the sound of a camera snap. My eyes immediately bolt open to see a laughing Alec, my mouth hangs open in shock as he shows me the picture of myself sleeping. there's drool coming out of my mouth. He fiddles with his phone for a bit.

"you have to delete it!" I demand holding my hand out for his phone

"fine," he says and deletes it. At least I don't have to worry about that being all around school.


The last bell rings, signalling the end of school. I rush to pack up and start walking back home when I hear voices around the corner of the building.

I sidle up to the edge of the building corner and listen

person 1: I've done what you ask now leave me alone

Person 2: I don't think you know how much I know about you, you need to do everything I say until I decide your worthy

Person 1: No i'm not taking it anymore, I won't do this to my friends

I hear silence and then pleading. A gunshot noise rings through my ears and I fall to the ground knowing what just happened.

Rushed footsteps are pounding, getting softer and softer.

I jump to action and rush around the corner to see one of Alec's friends Laying on the ground motionless, blood pooling around his body. It was him. The boy with the ghostly pale face in class this morning. He needed help and I didn't help him.

I fall to my knees and tears slip from my eyes, I scream and rock back and forth before searching for a pulse. I hear a faint boom .... .... boom .... nothing.

That's when I knew he died.

A crowd of people come rushing around the side of the building, my brother leading. they all stop stunned.
 Some reaching for their phones and dialling the police.

A murderer was here, I could have saved a life but I didn't. I let him die.

I. Let. Him. Die

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