The life of George Thornhill #1

This is about a middle aged man who can't get over his obsession of playing water polo and one ordinary day on the beach he gets a chance at being a better player


1. League finals

         Pass! screamed young George Thornhill in the last quarter of his u11 waterpolo finals. George's teammate Mark passed to him as he swam at the net with ten seconds left in the game if he scored his team would tie and continue in a shootout against the defending champions. George swam in, faster than he ever swam before and as he got to the net he faked a shot and took a backhand that went right into the top corner to continue the game. The entire team went insane for their new hero. As they got to the bench the coach started to tell them the shootout lineup. The coach had put George as the fifth shooter, Mark as the third shooter and for some reason the goalie as the first shooter even though the first shot tells everyone what to expect in the shootout. The team was really nervous yet alone the excitement that they could win the most important game of their lives. Their keeper James was up first with a chance to show everyone that it doesn't matter that your a goalie you can still score a goal. Once the other teams goalkeeper was ready for what he thought was going to be an easy goal the referee blew the whistle and James shot the ball as hard as he could. Unluckily the ball went right at the goalie and when the goalie jumped for it the ball hit the water and skipped up over the goalies head hit the crossbar and somehow went in the net. Everyone in the entire building was surprised by this goal. The next shot went to the other team to keep it even. The ref blew the whistle then the player let a bomb rip but the keeper was their in time to make the save. It continued and George had the chance to give his team an opportunity at winning and he scored but the other team still won the game. George was devistated that his team lost. All he ever thought about was being a true champion but now he had to wait another year. All George wanted to do after the game was go home and see his parents and his brother and sister. But his parents were at their tennis finals. His brother was in Florida in the finals of the golf tournament. So his only option was to go to his sisters spelling competition. When he got home his sister ask as nicely as she could how he did. He told her that he lost in a shootout and that he's the only one in the family who never one a medal or a trophy. She reminded him that in two weeks their summer pool opens. Then he's almost guaranteed to win either a waterpolo medal or a swim team medal. George got so excited that right after the spelling bee he biked as fast as he could to the pool that he competes for in the winter and jumped in and did laps to improve his time and when the pool closed he jogged to his house and back to get his bike. George would do anything to win a medal. When he got home he saw his brother with a trophy as big as his dad and a check for one million dollars. George was surprised at the million dollars but the trophy couldn't bother him less.


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