Royalty X Bangtan Boys

Royalty and BTS are both world wide famous groups. Follow these 13 people as they live life to the fullest.

(Ps. Royalty is actually group. We decided to form together last year. AND we are NOT famous.. lol. There are 6 members and all of the girls in the story are real people. So please forgive me and my bad language. Im guessing you will be able to figure out which one that is. XD )


1. Christmas Party Part 1

Kei P.O.V


"Hey! Stop running around the house! You're going to break something!!" Our Unni , Aya shouts.


"SORRY UNNI!" The 5 of us shout back.  


Hello! I am Kei! Let me introduce ourselves. We are Royalty. There are six members and all of us have been friends since birth. Royalty was started when we were all around the ages of 11-15. Our leader is Tenshii(she is my age) . Unni and the oldest is Aya. Next oldest and craziest is Nat. Then there's me , KEI , the middle aged trouble maker. Not to mention, the baddest mouth in the group. After me we have Gabi , our maknae face and our little angel (not really). Last but not least AEGIS! She is the maknae of the group. But don't let the name fool you. That girl is more aggressive than the Unni.


So anyway here we are. Getting ready for a Christmas Party, with BTS!


Yes BTS everyone!


When Royalty first became an official group we got put in Big Hits Entertainment. Our manager wanted us to get use to everything so they put BTS in charge of making us comfortable. And I guess from then on we became really close friends.


" Yo Kei! You better hurry up! We're waiting for you!" Aegis' loud booming voice shouts from the car.




I hear Tenshii snicker and then burst into laughter.


Oh I forget to mention. Tenshii is the world's nastiest thinker and she is the most dirty minded person I have ever met. LOVE YOU TENCH!


I finally get everything in order and rush to the car knowing the other girls would be fuming and pissed at me.




"Seriously Kei! You take forever!"


"Ummm! Who's the one who told me that beauty needs time Aya!"


" Since when did you care about what you look like?" A confused look passed over Gabi's face.


"Since she got Jimin for her secret  santa person and she wants to make him fall head over heals for her." Nat snickers and smirks at me.




The other girls just laugh at me knowing that tonight would be an interesting night for me.


Okaii..... So here's the thing. For the Christmas Party we did a secret santa thing and the person I got was Jimin. The other girls have been teasing me ever since because let's just say.... I have a slight crush on Jimin. Okaii... More than slight...... OKAI I LIKE JIMIN A LOT! Anyway, I have been worrying about the gift and wondering if he will like it! Also the makeup.... Yeah I hate makeup. But tonight was different. I just want him to notice me I guess, feel me? So anyway, i'm really excited because the girls said that I would LOVE who got me and what they got me. Im hoping its Aaya or something. Cuz she gets me really great stuff for Christmas.


"So guys, seriously doe.... Will he like the gift I gave him!?"


"Im sure he will love it! Besides it's from you so OF COURSE! HE WILL REALLY LOVE IT!" Tenshii exclaims.


The girls burst into laughter once again.


"Im lost..."


"You're always lost Kei."




Then we all go into a fit of laughter.



~Time Skip~


After the Car ride



The girls and I exit the car and walk towards the door. Before we could even knock we hear screams inside




Jungkook and Taehyungs screams are heard from inside the house.


"Haha some people are excited."


The door flies from its hinges and 7 boys come towards us with arms outstretched waiting for a big bear hug.


I notice a familiar oranged haired boy coming toward me and I am engulfed in strong arms. A wiff of his cologne and I am sent into overdrive.




Heat rises up into my cheeks but it's a good thing Jimin's arms are still around my body. I bury my face into his chest to hide my blush.


"You Pabo. I've missed you too Chimchim!"


I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him tighter.


"AWW!!" The other boys and girls are just watching us with funny looks on their faces.


"Okay okay! Shows over! And Jimin! Get your hands off my poo! It's my turn!" A familiar feminine voice pops out of the small crowd. Then a small latino pops out from behind Tenshii and literally rams into me and Tenshii.






Okaii so, Kathy. Best Friend since like idk.... 2 grade? Haha! Anyway yeah so we have been really close and when Royalty actually became a thing she was always there for us. One day for her birthday, we decided to let her come and meet BTS. Well one certain mint haired boy took a liking in my little latino. And they became a thing like 3 years ago. Sorry ladies, The great and beautiful Suga is taken.


Kathy and I hug each other until neither of us can breath anymore.


"Oh goodness! I've missed you so so so much!!!"


"Same here poo! Ohh did Suga invite you to come and join us for the Christmas Party?"


"Yeppers! And it was going to be a surprise.... BUT I COULDN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!"  


"Okay okay! Reunion is over! Let's get inside and get this PARTY

STARTED!" Taehyung starts ushering everyone inside.  



~Time Skip~






"Okayyy! So game time!! Okay so the first game is an easy game everyone knows. Truth or Dare!" Tenshii gets everyone's attention and starts explaining the game.


"Okay so the rules are rules you already know about. Also I tried to make this as simple as possible so that airhead over here."


Tenshii pointed over to me.




Tenshii continued,obviously ignoring me.


"Can understand everything we are talking about and understand the rules."


I admit, I may not be the brightest person on the planet and I understand that is a shame to the asian world. But yeah. My grades in school werent the best... Maybe because when it was time to study or do work I would read a book or do anything else but study. Anyway back to the party!


"Okay so here I have a cup with everyones name in it. I will draw out a person's name and that person will start the game."


Tenshii grabs the cup and draws out a name.




"HA! BEAT THAT SHANKS! Okay anyway..... Hope!"


"Yes ma'am?"


"Truth or Dare?"




"Okay.... What do your fans mean to you?"


"Easy! Army is my whole life! I love them with all my heart!!"




After a couple of rounds of T or D we decided to change the game.


"Listen up everyone! The next game is the POCKY GAME!"


Tenshii starts handing out the pocky packets to everyone.


"Okay like the last game the rules are simple and you all know it already. I will draw names from the cup and set you guys up into pairs. First pair is ......"


Tenshii pulls out two names and mumbles "Kathy and Suga!"


Kathy runs over to Sugar and jumps on his back. The couple held on to each other and they laughed and ended up cuddling each other on the couch.


"Okay... Next pair is, AYA AND GABI!"


The two girls give each other disgusted looks but laugh it off.


"Next is .... Rap Monster and Nat!"


Tenshii continued to pair everyone off. Taehyung with Jin,Jungkook with Aegis and Jhope with Tenshii.


"So that leaves Kei and Jimin!"


Everyone starts hooting and awwing.


"Shut up!"


"Okay everyone let's start!"




After everyone finished their turn it was finally me and Jimins turn.


Jimin grabs the pocky and sticks it in his mouth. He creeps closer and closer until the pocky is touching the tip of my mouth.


"Cmon Kei. Lets beat them all."


I take a bite from the pocky stick as does Jimin. I close my eyes scared of what was coming.


When I feel nothing , I open my eyes and look at Jimin who is literally 2 inches from my face.


Then he leaned in all the way taking the last bite. Our lips brush each other and I pull back in surprise.


Jimin takes out the pocky left in his mouth and sets it down next to the other competitors pocky stick.


Tenshii takes a closer at the pocky sticks and then announces the winner.


"Looks like Kei and Jimin win this game!"


Everyone just smirks and starts clapping. I take my chances and take a glance at Jimin. He is already looking at me. I turn away with a fierce blush on my face.


Jimin leans down and whispers something in my ear , making me shiver.


"I enjoyed that. Maybe we can continue later."


My eyes get wide and I am rendered speechless.


"Okay everyone! Next game is Musical Chairs. But there's a twist in this game. People are the chairs. So the first round it will be girls as the chairs. Next round, boys are the chairs. So yeah! Girls get down on one knee and let's start!"


Tenshii starts the music and everyone gets to there places.



Time skip






After countless of times having Jimin on my leg and me sitting on Jimin it was time for presents!


"Guys! GUYS!"


Everyone stops what they are doing so they can listen to Tenshii.


"Guys! It's time for the Secret Santa exchange gift thing. I'm pretty sure you all have been anticipating this for a while now. Now you knuckleheads can finally find out who got each of you. How we are going to do this is we are going to draw a name from the cup and that person will give their secret person their gift. Then you guys continue okay?"










"Got it!"


Tenshii pulls out a name from the cup and says "Rap Monster."




Rap Mon gets up and grabs his gift for his person.


"Wait! You know what we should do to make it more fun? Let's have you describe your person and everyone has to guess who it is!"


Tbh..... That is the best idea I have come up with in a long time! Haha! Okai back to the story.


"Okay. My person is very smart and tbh they intimidate me very much."  


"TENSHII!" Everyone exclaims together.




Rap Monster walks up to Tenshii and hands over the gift.




Tenshii P.O.V



Rap Monster came up to me and handed me the present.


"C'mon open it."


I slightly open the package and rip open the wrapping.


When I opened the present completely I pulled out 7 Tickets to a  Lindsey Stirling Concert.  




I jump on Rap Mon and literally kill him.


After I calm down I went to the tree and got my gift for my person.


"Okay. So the person that I got is very cute and has a lot of Aegyo."




Gabi jumps up and down obviously thinking it's her.


"Ummm... I'm not done. This person is also from another world. Aka an alien."




Gabi sits down and pouts.




Kei of course.....


"Yep... So much for letting them guess Kei...."


I hand the gift to V who snatches it and rips it open like he was going to die without opening it.



Taehyung P.O.V



When Tenshii passes me the gift I quickly tear it open wondering what is inside of it.  


I grab whatever was inside the box and I pull out a bracelet. I read what it says on it.


Stay Yourself

Alien V




I grab Tenshi into a tight bear hug knowing she would try to escape. Tenshii hates hugs!


I let her go and then we do our best friend handshake.


I go to the christmas tree and get my present for my secret santa person.


"The person that I got is an amazing hyung. So u guys now know it's not Kookie or a girl. Sorry kooks. Anyway this Hyung went through the same things as me not long ago and he was there to help me out when I wasn't feeling well."


"MIN YOONGI!" Everyone yelled at the same time.


"Yep! Here Hyung. I hope you like it. I really want to thank you for being with me when I was sick."


I hand Suga his gift and give him the biggest hug ever.


"Awwww! Thank you tae!"



Suga P.O.V



After Taehyungs speech I was rendered speechless. He handed me the gift and gave me a big hug.


"Awwww! Thank you tae!"


I open the gift and my eyes widen in awe.




"THAT'S THE NEW GOPRO!" Tenshii looks at the gopro in my hands and completely blacks out.


"Umm.... She okay?" I ask.


"Oh she's fine. She'll wake up later.... I think... Haha."


Kei grabs Tenshii and sets her down on the couch.


"Haha okay anyway. Thank you so much taehyung! I love it!!"


After hugging tae again,I go get the gift under the tree and start describing my person.


"This person is my whole life and I love them very much!"


"Kathy... Duh!" Aegis says.


"Okay yeah I got my beautiful Princess."


"Awwwww!!! MY HEART!"


"Oh shut up Aya!"


Jhope walks over to Aya and smacks her.


"Okay anyway... Kathy... You are my whole life and I don't know what I would do without you."


"You have us!" Jimin buts in.


"SHUT UP!" Kei punches Jimin to shut him up.




"Well... Ehm.. Where was I. Oh yea. Jagiya,I love you so much. I love the way your eyes sparkle in the dark. I love your laugh. I love the way you glare at us boys when we annoy you. I love your reaction when a clown pops out of nowhere. I love your obsession with Pandas and your bae's (referring to Royalty). I love everything about you."


I go down to my one knee. Gasps and Awes fill the room. Kathy has her hands over her mouth and tears are fighting there way out of her eyes.


"I love you so much that I want to spend eternity with you. I want to wake up in the morning and see you lying by my side. I want to have cute little latino children running around the house. So Kathy....will you accept my proposal and do the honors of becoming my lovely wife?"  


Now for sure her tears started pouring out like a flood. The boys and other girls just stare waiting for Kathy's answer.


"Min Yoongi. I love you too! Yes yes yes! I would love to became your lovely wife! Only if you promise to be my amazing husband for life!"


"I promise Jagiya. There is no one else I would want to spend eternity with."



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