Royalty X Bangtan Boys

Royalty and BTS are both world wide famous groups. Follow these 13 people as they live life to the fullest.

(Ps. Royalty is actually group. We decided to form together last year. AND we are NOT famous.. lol. There are 6 members and all of the girls in the story are real people. So please forgive me and my bad language. Im guessing you will be able to figure out which one that is. XD )


3. Christmas Party Last Part


Aya P.O.V



I open Jungkooks gift and pull out a beautiful black laced dress. Along with the dress he bought matching earrings and a black choker.


"Ohh,Jungkook! It's beautiful!"


"I bought you this so you could wear it on our first date."


I stare at Jungkook wide eyed.


"Woah woah.... Date?"


Jungkook looks away sheepishly and mumbles "Yeah.."




"You don't have to. I understand if you don't have the same feelings as I do."


"No.. No Jungkook. I would love to go on a date with you. Thank you by the way,for the dress , earrings and choker. I have always wanted a choker."


"Wait... You...."


"Said yes. Yes I would love to go on a date with you Jeon Jungkook."


Jungkook takes one look at me and pulls me into hug. I hug him back with more pressure.


"So I guess that Jungkook is now taken by our Unni."


"You don't say Kei. Did you really have to state the obvious?"


"Who's going on a date?"


"Well if isn't sleeping beauty."


Tenshii stands up and walks up next to Kei.


"Well you missed another cute moment. Kookie here asked our Unni on a date and of course she said yes. How could she say no to her crush."


Now it was my turn to blush furiously.




"What? You two are dating so might as well tell everyone on your big crush on Jungkook."




"Nooo.... They are right..... Did you guys know that Aya would dream about Kookie and moan his name at night?"




"Language young lady! And yeahh. She would even kiss her pillow at night."


"How cruel Nat... And I thought you guys were my friends."


I was so embarrassed all I could do was hide my face and bury it in a nearby pillow.  


"Awww. Its okay Jagiya. Haha."


I feel a pair of arms go around me and hug me.


"Thanks Kookie."


"Okay okay. Can we please continue before I faint again. I don't want to miss another moment."


"Okai Tenshi. Give me a moment."


I race to the tree and grab my gift to give. After I settle down I start describing my person.


"This person is very sweet and they taught me how to cook. And Kei

..... Don't say anything."


"Awww but I know who it is!!"




Nat pops her head out from behind the crowd and shouts Jin's name.


"Yep haha. Here you go Oppa."


"I'M YOUR OPPA!" Kookie glares at me.


"Hahah. They are all my oppa's but you're my favorite oppa!" I give him a quick peck on the lips.  


"Haha well thanks Aya."


"You haven't opened it yet Jin."


"Oh well ... Here I go."



Jin P.O.V



I open the gift that Aya gave me and pull out of the box a pink t-shirt with matching pink shoes.




"Ahhaha You actually got him a pink shirt?"






I give her a big dinosaur hug and squeezed her to death.


"Okay it's my turn. My person-"



Time Skip






Kei P.O.V



Anywayyyy.... So yeah... After everyone did their present gift exchange me and Jimin were the only pair who didn't get a present or  give our presents.


"Looks like the last couple standing is Jimin and Kei."


"Which means..."


Jimin walks over to me and hands me a small box.


"Merry Christmas Kei."


I stare at the box in my hand and tear the wrapping paper off ever so slowly.


When I finally take the wrapper off I stare at the beautiful retro vintage lace necklace collar.


"Oh... Jimin... It's beautiful . Thank you!!"


"That's not it."


I give him a quizzical look.


Jimin rushes away and comes back into the room holding his guitar.




"I made a song... And I dedicate it to you."


(In this one shot ... The song Just Friends by Shane Harper is made my Jimin because I really like that song and I want it to be a song that Jimin dedicates to Kei.)


Jimin starts strumming a tune on his guitar while the rest of us and watch in awe.


I'll wait for you to give me a sign. You tire me,I have uncertainty. About how feel. How your heart works I just need to know for sure.



If I asked you out. Would you smile and say yes. If I held your hand, would you tell all your friends. If I sang you a song would you ask me to sing it again. Or maybe we should just be friends. Or maybe we, should just be friends.


There are so many things that I want to know. What do you love what do you hate what makes you strong what makes you brave. What makes you laugh. What makes smile I need to know why. I need to know.  


Repeat Chorus.  


Maybe i'm the one for you. Maybe you're the one for me. Maybe we were meant to be,together for ever. x2


Repeat Chorus.



Jimin P.O.V  



After I finish the song I stare at Kei hoping she got the idea. When I look at her I notice tears running down her cheeks. Her hands over her mouth in attempt to hide her shocked face.


"Sooo... Was it that bad?"


"No ... No Jimin. It was beautiful. And Yes."


"Yes what?"


"I will be your girlfriend... If that is what you were implying in the song."


"It was and wait... Did you say-"




"Gabi... You ruined it..." Nat hits Gabi on the head.




"Wait... Why did you say yes?"  


"SHE HAS HAD THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON YOU SINCE SHE MET YOU!!" Tenshii and Aegis scream together.




That's all I can get out of my mouth. Tbh I have had a big crush on Kei since I first met her. No one knows but Taehyung.




Speak of the devil.


"Really Tae?"


"Sorry Chimchim."


"Well this is nice and all but are you going to ask Kei out for real?"


"Oh yeah... Ehmm.. Well.. Kei... Will you be my girlfriend?"


"Of course! I would love too!"


Kei jumps into my arms and crashes her lips onto mine. Something I have dreamed of since day 1.


"YAYYY! NOW I MAY DIE IN PEACE! THIS CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN AMAZING!!" Gabi punches her arms up and down screaming at the top of her lungs.




"Seriously... That girl needs to sort out her priorities."


"Tenshii.... You are not Hermione Granger and you never will be so just stop."




I laugh as my friends chase each other. Smiling at myself I think about how great today was. Especially since I got the girl of my dreams.


"Whatcha thinking about Chimchim?"


"Today and how great it was."


"Yep. Hahaah I couldn't have said it any better."




After the Christmas party they days that followed were total bliss. Since Royalty and BTS were having a little break for 2 months we went around the world and did a little tour. A couple of months after Kathy and Suga decided to actually start planning their wedding. Aya and Jungkook were still in and a stable relationship. Jin and Gabi got together as well as Taehyung and Nat. Jhope and Tenshii we still wait for. As for me and Jimin, well, let's just say, our wedding will be next. I hope it stays like this. Royalty and BTS. I couldn't ask for a better family.

                      THE END



For the Christmas party exchange gift thing,i'm sorry I skipped a few people. I didn't want to make this really really long so I decided to skip some people! Sorry for those people that I skipped such as Aegis,Gabi,Jhope and Jin. So yeahhh... Hope you enjoyed the one shot.



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