What I Do In French Lessons: A Book of Drawings

My drawings are occasionally good, occasionally bad, and always insanely colourful! In this compilation, you can find fanart from loads of different fandoms, portraits, covers and also drawings inspired by my own writing and characters. If there comes a week with no new drawings, I'm probably dead. Enjoy! Oh, and don't steal any of these. Not that you would. I'll know. I've got eyes everywhere.



I love everything to do with superheroes, but X-men takes the cake. I don't know why. My teacher loves X-men as well, and we often chat about it when he's supposed to be telling me off. When I passed my exams at the end of last year, I made a bargain with my mum to buy me a silver leather jacket just like Quicksilver's. So far nothing's happened about that. Oh well.  Anyway, before I get off-topic, here's some more drawings!


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