Book of secrets

What if you opened a book and was transported inside that book? Well me and my friends are about to find out what might happen if that happens. Do try to keep up because you are in for a whirlwind of an adventure t hat is truly I guess you could say a bit...different.


3. Adriana's POV

I lean back blowing my blue bangs from my hair briefly before I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I slide it out seeing a new text I click on it.


"Hey can you bring Brian, Lawilet and yourself over? " Liz asked and I nodded

"Yea sure how soon?" I asked 

"Soon as you can. No one is dying but this is something I think you may be able to help me with." Liz

"K see you before dark" I said 

"Great! Thanks! BYEEEE" Liz said

"Byeeee." I said and hanged up.


I put my phone away after I screenshot the image and sent it to Brian he almost immediately responds making me jump slightly out of surprise. He had texted me 'ok'

Me:Send it to Lawilet for me.

Brian: ok

Me:you and your ok's...


Me: -_- really?

I shrug and went back to finishing a chapter in a book i'm reading before I head over to Liz's house enjoying the fun me and her when a number I didn't know text me.

?: Hey Ariana Brian sent me the pic... Oh this is my number Lawilet

Me: Oh okay then one sec... I'm going to add you to my contacts

Lawilet: Okay Ariana

I added him as Law and put my phone up.

"So Liz what's up?" I asked and she looked at me

"IDK... Brian and Lawilet is suppose to be coming here soon" she said and I nodded as we heard a knock on the door.  Liz opened the door and Lawilet and Brian was there and we all smiled as we continued the fun.

Elizabeth sat down on he carpeted floor holding a large leather book with a eye on it holding it out for them to see. 

"It fell from my tree house then into a bunker and found this book. My ancestor wrote it" She said opening the first page revealing calligraphy ink on worn lined papers. 

"See? I skimmed through it and it talks about all these different books of mystery and magic!"She said starting to get excited.

"What if it's not real? Any of it. besides you did get it out of some worn out bunker in the woods. Under your tree houses nothingness."I said skeptically. Everyone has that one stalker or writer in the family. Some might even want to play tricks with their future generation through lies and riddles.

"You know i'm a lie detector and studying to be a detective."She said quietly looking down unsure.

"A-and all the books they been in were there."She said stubbornly.

"Even so what do you mean by been in books?"Lawilet asked.

"I can show you if I have to but that's what I meant by magic. Actual magic!"She said rubbing her temples."They went inside these books into their world!"She said looking at the open book. "It's handwritten,dated, and signed"She added quietly.

"Maybe so but I still think it's just  old story written  book also"Brian said choosing his words carefully

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