Star Wars: Rise Of Jakeb Blandus


2. The Rebel Alliance

As soon as his shuttle landed, he could see his sister, Riley, running towards it. When he walked out of the door, she said to him "A Rebel Alliance recruiter is waiting for you in the Carbon Score Cantina!"

Jakeb grimaced "At least the Empire have class."

Riley crossed her arms "When did you get all posh?"

Jakeb laughed "Fine, I'll go."

The Carbon Score Cantina was not the sort of place you want to hang around unless you have guts. It was full of guns for hire, crime bosses, pirates, bounty hunters and other kinds of crooks. When Jakeb walked in a big Zabrak stood in his way.

"What's a wimp like this doing in 'ere?!" Laughed the Zabrak.

Jakeb raised his hand and with a single simple gesture the Zabrak was lying on the floor, lifeless. After he did that 10 different aliens, each with heavy repeating blasters, shot at him. Jakeb stopped the blaster bolts, clenched his fist and all the aliens' heads exploded. No-one bothered him after that.

"You must be Jakeb."

Jakeb turned round. The speaker was a dark-skinned man with shaved hair and a beard.

"Your assumption would be correct."

"I'm Tam Bastioin, a recruiter drom the Rebel Alliance."

Jakeb laughed "Sorry, I was having so much fun I forgot why I was actually here!"

Tam took a step away from Jakeb "Yes, despite your slightly… disturbing idea of a good time your power is very apparent and we could do with you on our side."

"Well I guess the Empire kind of hates me after I murdered two of their recruiters and one of their admirals."

Tam Bastion took another step back "Good to have you on board."

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